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Title: IC 1.2- Motel Interior 2.
Post by: Radical21 on June 10, 2011, 04:53:02 pm
 The room is the room on the third floor right above the entrance, it is carpeted , decorated with Wallpapers and Art , inside are twp nightstands, some shelves, an empty antique bookcase, A TV,  and a door leading to a Shower and toilets
The center of the room opposite the door contains a large bed covered with disarrayed blanket ,white sheets and two large bed pillows with the Candian red maple leaf printed on the pillow-sheets. The room's Window has long red blinds that can be pulled over it that are probably not enough to block out sunlight during daytime.

 Laying her back on the bed's blanket sheets a young Blond Emo-girl in here mid-20s is sleeping soundly,  her long smooth blond hair disheveled over the pillows touching over her Stylish black-rimmed glasses and draping over her cut-off, revealing black metal band shirt.

 Adrian is also inside the room, watching the News channel on TV when Burke, Tomaz and Abigail step in.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Friktion on June 10, 2011, 06:10:25 pm
Hello Abigail, you must be the mute I've heard so much about! Just kidding  :razz:

Adrian turns his head suddenly to the sound of the door being opened.  He jumps to his feet in surprise, almost like a teenager caught sneaking drinks or doing drugs.  Adrian lets out a sigh of relief when he notices the familiar faces.  Then he lets out a nervous chuckle as he realizes his gut response.

"So I was just car jacked." Adrian says with a smile.  Adrian looks at the new woman.

"Hello miss...?"  His voice trails off.

For Abigail's benefit: Adrian is of average height and build.  He is cleanly shaven and has short brown hair with just a touch of gray in a professional haircut although it doesn't appear to be the stiff "business man" type.  He is wearing khaki pants and a button down shirt untucked with the top button undone and a white undershirt peaking through.  He has no jewelry except a watch.  His clothes look like he spent a long day at work, but otherwise are no worse for the wear.  He has rolled up the sleeves of his buttons down to just above his elbows.  Although he is obviously Caucasian, his skin is tanned and still retains the rosy color throughout his face and exposed arms.

I can't find the original post where I described him, so please pardon any inconsistencies!
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Voidshaper on June 10, 2011, 07:19:46 pm
Abigail follows Burke into the third-floor motel room like a fat kid into a high school dressing room. She sees the girl on the bed and appears tense for a moment, before she realizes that the girl is only sleeping. Not dead. She gives a nervous nod of her head to the brown-haired man when he says hello. She stands in the entrance quietly, staring at Burke.

For an idea of what she looks like, here's a picture:

Rolling Appearance for first impression on Adrian:
Rolled 4d10 : 3, 9, 4, 8, total 24
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Friktion on June 12, 2011, 08:31:29 pm
Adrian stands there shifting his weight as he awkwardly waits in silence for the woman to give him her name.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Malavis on June 14, 2011, 09:33:46 pm
Burke pauses for a moment longer than was appropriate, for a moment expecting the usual introductions to take place- but realizing that the woman could, of course, not respond with her own name. Cursing inwardly for his momentary insensitivity, Burke smiles at Adrian, smoothly taking control of the introduction.

"Well, we have good news and bad news. Good news is, we found someone supposedly sent by the prince to help us."
He motions to the woman standing close beside him.
"The bad news is... The others took your car. They're off to sheperd's place, wherever that is. A friend of Tomaz's. In any case, I'd like to introduce you to Abigail." He motions to the young girl beside him, his facial expression reading at least a small modicum of what could be sincerity in his trust and desire to introduce the two.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Voidshaper on June 15, 2011, 07:46:40 pm
Abigail breaks her stare at Burke and turns, giving the brown-haired man a nod. She remains silent, standing awkwardly next to Gabriel. Her eyes scan the room, frequently returning to the brown-haired man and the girl on the bed. She puts her hands in her jacket pockets and waits.

Perception+Investigation to notice anything unusual from where she is standing:
Rolled 3d10 : 2, 1, 5, total 8
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Friktion on June 16, 2011, 08:31:06 pm
Adrian smiles at the silent stranger.

"Wow! So just a few hours after a panicked phone call and the Prince sends you backup?  I must be traveling with some pretty important people.  It's very nice to meet you Abigail.  What exactly are you here to help us with?  Perhaps making sure I am compensated for the Prince's men hijacking my car?"  He says with a sarcastic smile on his face.  He eyes Abigail up and down, looking for any changes in behavior during his conversation such as a grimace or snarl.  He also tries to gauge whether she is a ghoul or vampire.

I'll let you make the roll Rad.  Adrian is trying to nonchalantly tell if Abigail is breathing and if her skin is pale or rosy colored like his.

Adrian walks over to the girl sleeping on the bed and gently nudges her awake.

"Rise and shine, beauty.  It's time to get back to work."
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Malavis on June 18, 2011, 11:25:54 pm
A glimmer of a smile lights in Burke's eyes when he hears about the car.
"Hey- I said I'd take care of the handle and the bloodstains. What happens now is up to Sherie and Gary to pay back." He looks as though he is joking. Partly.

"We've got people out there trying to kill us. And we have reason to believe that our death will embarrass or otherwise inconvenience the prince in some way: Perhaps they are just wanting to kill us because the prince told them not to- maybe there is more going on here than we know. Honestly I'm not sure at this point. Either way, it seems that the prince doesn't want egg on his face, so he's sent Abigail here to help us out."
A strange expression flits briefly across Burke's face as he says this; something almost like skepticism or a pang of disbelief. His voice is true and sincere, but his face briefly betrays doubt.
Burke walks over and prepares to help the woman stand if she needs assistance, following Adrian's lead.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Voidshaper on June 18, 2011, 11:56:39 pm
Abigail raises an eyebrow at the brown-haired man when he mentions compensation for his car, briefly concerned. She relaxes however when his sarcastic grin tips her off that he is just breathing hot air, in a manner of speaking. Still unsure what to make of the brown-haired man and his passive-aggressive sarcasm, Abigail stands awkwardly as Burke continues to speak on her behalf. She appears to be moving something over and over in her jacket pocket, a slow pacing motion as she watches Burke.

When Burke walks over to the bed, Abigail spots a standard issue notepad on the nearby nightstand, exactly where it was in her own room, and she follows Burke towards the bed. Standing slightly behind Burke and offside next to the nightstand, she reaches down and picks up the notepad, popping out a pen from her satchel bag. She begins writing something while the two men stand over the bed.

Rad: I took the liberty of assuming the notepad would be where every motel notepad in history is :razz: If this isn't the case, let me know and I can retcon it.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Malavis on June 19, 2011, 01:19:39 am
Burke glances back at Abigail as she comes up behind him, momentarily startled and suspicious until he sees her grab the notepad. He nods to himself in understanding and turns back to Adrian.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Friktion on June 21, 2011, 02:24:21 am
Adrian waits for the woman to wake up and clear her eyes.

"I need you to do a huge favor for me and my two friends here.  I need you to make absolutely sure that NOBODY walks through this door until we want them too.  That means not you, not the cleaning crew, and not security.  Can you do that for me?"
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Radical21 on June 21, 2011, 02:43:21 pm
Shiirly sits up in the bed, she adjust her glasses and hair as she hears Adrian's voice.

"I.. sure but..." she pauses still looking confused from the sleep , she brushes a strand of her blond hair back, glaring at Abby, she bites her lower lip before returning to glance at Adrain , lowering her gaze , she starts moving off the bed hastily adjusting her cloths.  "ok, I will get out and give you some privacy, no one will disturb you" she says matter of factly, a faint hint of irritation in her tone before she moves to leave the room.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Malavis on June 22, 2011, 12:49:12 am
Burke stands beside Adrian, calm, authoritative and nodding his agreement to what she says.

"Thank you very much, miss."
He flashes her a winning smile.
After she leaves, Burke's smile fades and he's all business. He turns to Adrian.
"You sure that will work?"
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Friktion on June 22, 2011, 05:27:08 pm
Adrian shrugs, "Who knows, but what choice do we have?"

He turns to Abigail.  "Excuse me miss, but uh.. well are you able to stand guard throughout the day?  Or will you be requiring a nice isolated environment as well?"

He turns to the window, frown on his face.  "It seems that we won't be able to completely keep out the sun, at least not without kind of jury-rigging.  Although I'm not too thrilled about the prospect, I think I will sleep the day in the bathroom.  Not the coziest of environments but survival first."
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Malavis on June 22, 2011, 07:41:39 pm
Burke blinks, just now realizing that he'd immediately assumed abigail was one of their kind. He turns to her with a hint of expectation in his eye, looking down at whatever she's writing on the notepad paper.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Malavis on June 22, 2011, 10:26:35 pm
Realizing that he might have to wait a bit longer for the woman to finish writing, and not wanting to stare, he glances quickly back up at Adrian.

"Wet a towel and shove it under the door and it should block sunlight well enough... Right?..." Burke looks a bit nervous for a moment- "Are we talking about like ZERO ambient sunlight or the 'just don't get hit directly' sort?"
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Voidshaper on June 24, 2011, 05:33:52 am
Abigail tears off the page from the note pad she was writing on and hands it to Burke.

My name is Abigail Clarke. I was told by Pierre - who I think works for some vampire mayor called a Prince - to come here and look for people like us passing through town. He seemed to have a pretty good idea that you guys would be here. I'm supposed to help you with whatever it is you're doing. That's all I was told.

I'm just doing my job. We can get to all that loyalty bullshit tomorrow night. I want to hear who you people are and why it was so damn important that I come help you. But right now we need to find a place to sleep.

She waits nervously with pen and notepad in either hand at her side, looking between the two men at the bed, the girl, and the bathroom door.
Title: Re: Interior 2- Adrian's motel room.
Post by: Malavis on June 24, 2011, 10:04:41 am
Gabriel's brow furrows a little as he takes the note and reads it, nodding a nearly imperceptible thanks to Abigail.

Looking at Adrian for a moment, as though considering simply dictating it to him, he thinks better of it, and simply hands the man the note.

When he is done reading, he turns his head back to Abigail and nods again, this time in agreement.

"I've slept in bathrooms a couple of times. Granted, I was pass-out drunk at the time... But how bad can it be?"
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