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System Crashing at specific points
« on: July 22, 2002, 03:03:00 AM »
                Alright.  Here's my problem.  I certainly hope someone has a solution because it's driving me nuts.  I finally picked up the game again after quite some time and started from the beginning again.  Played through, cleared the mines, protected the town, blah blah blah.   But I get to the point where the cutscene comes in with Ecaterina and it will play through the entire scene.  But afterwards it just does nothing.   It makes no ATTEMPT to load anything afterwards.  I can reboot with ALT CTRL DEL still so the system isn't locked up but it simply will not load the next part of the game.    So I uninstalled the game,  reinstalled and tried again.  Sure enough....  I get to the same point and I can get no further because it refuses to load.  What can I do?
 I'm running Windows 98 SE on a Duron 850,  256 RAM, Radeon 64 Meg Video, Soundblaster Live,  Latest drivers for everything and DirectX is 8 I believe.
 Please any help or even suggestions would be muchly appreciated because I really do love this game....  it's just so damned buggy.                        




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