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« on: June 01, 2002, 11:08:00 AM »
                I downloaded this NOD SDK a few days ago, but it doesn't want to run. When I start it up, the preferences screen shows up, and when I press "ok", a few seconds later, it gives out a window with an illegal operation... and it shuts down. The details of this problem are as follows:
 %1 caused an invalid page fault in
 module %2 at %3!.04x!:%4!.08x!.
 EAX=%1!.08x! CS=%2!.04x! EIP=%3!.08x! EFLGS=%4!.08x!
 EBX=%1!.08x! SS=%2!.04x! ESP=%3!.08x! EBP=%4!.08x!
 ECX=%1!.08x! DS=%2!.04x! ESI=%3!.08x! FS=%4!.04x!
 EDX=%1!.08x! ES=%2!.04x! EDI=%3!.08x! GS=%4!.04x!
 Bytes at CS:EIP:
 %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x! %1!.02x!
 Stack dump:
 %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x! %1!.08x!
 wtf?? my vampire game runs just fine in sp and mp, but this editor... someone please help me                        




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