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First i like to thank people behind planet vampire for keeping the site up and running for all this time and even though i know neither of them i can understand how hard is it to do something like this for so long without losing interest or even if losing still keeping everything together for sake of community.
These type of responsibilities are never easy specially if there is no payment or no one to take over if you take a sick day, Oh well i only hoped i was able to know people behind the site more since they aren't really active in here.

But to the main reason that i made this topic:
The editor while simple and interesting(because i like simple designs) is very much flawed. My main problem with it is that any copy and paste that you make is done by style rather than plain text which is fine by me except the editor shows this pasted content just like it was in original page but if you post it or see the preview you can see the mess that it makes, it often forces you to edit the whole text because it becomes unreadable! i provide an exmaple:


The word above is "comma" which i copied from a post in this forum itself. in editor it shows the word with a black background(because planet vampire has a black background theme which editor copies for some reason)  but when you post it you see a different thing.

Besides as i understand there is no cache since if by accident i click on something, returning to page doesn't show my post draft.

So i was thinking if is possible to get another editor? i am not familiar with the current CMS that PV is using but often there are extra editors which can be installed or there are setting to disable or enable things like drafting.


When I use the right mouse button, below paste I have also the option to "paste unformatted text" (or whatever is in english), this works as a charm.

I haven't noticed that, it seems to be a Chrome based feature cause i can't find it on firefox.

I'm using Opera  :vampwink:

i have it on Edge browser so i assumed you were also using a Chrome based browser.  is this something that only firefox lacks or i am missing something? Regardless i would very much like if pasting with plain text was just the default option since i mostly use Ctrl+V.


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