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Title: is back!
Post by: samspin on January 23, 2014, 05:03:50 pm
Welcome back to our old address, !
IGN have given control of the original domain name to me, and I have already begun the work required for making this domain name the standard for the whole site. I have much to say, and I will warn you this post is rather long.
As you may know, back in 1999 things were very different. Gamespy wanted to make a community of gamers- by gamers for gamers- and launched the Planet Network. As not many people had the technical know-how nor the resources required for hosting and building websites, they built up templates for each Planet site. They asked for volunteers to provide news and editorial content for each Planet site, while they hosted the sites for free (albeit with advertising to recoup costs). At first, all was good, and Gamespy/IGN worked well with the volunteers on troubleshooting the original site, as well as to provide updates when new releases came out. Unfortunately, as time went on, IGN/Gamespy underwent a massive reorganisation, and due to many key internal staff with knowledge on how to manage the Planet Network leaving, sites began to fall under disrepair (not just PV, but all Planet sites). This led to a breakdown in communication and we decided to make a new website independently at (though for technical reasons this has shown as in recent times) and placed a final news article on with a link to the new site.
After four years of using, the original site has died, due to IGN shutting off old, outdated servers. I noticed this at the New Year, and decided to reach out to Ziff Davis (current owner of IGN) to see if they'd like to sell the original domain name as it was effectively abandoned. I explained my reasoning, and to my absolute delight, they apologised for the way things fell apart. They agreed to give control of to me completely, at no charge with no strings attached! I would like to thank Peer Schneider, IGN's current publisher and head of content for his outstanding support and understanding, as well as IGN itself for emphasizing on the situation and jointly agreeing to release the domain. They agree that although they are very proud of Planet Vampire and would love to have been able to support us the way we need, the website is in good hands with us. As times have now changed, many of us have the technical know-how and resources required for building and maintaining websites independently. Personally, I will always respect IGN for having their heart in the right place at the beginning, despite how other staff at this site may feel. Without IGN's original resources, we would not have evolved to where we are today. Many may not agree with me, and I understand that as I admit have seen only the tip of the iceburg of former communication dialogs with IGN during the breakdown. Indeed I hope that the return of our domain name will help alleviate the pain of the past.
So, after a brief history, I will move on to the technical side of things.

Currently the site is being proxied through my own server ( ( connects to to indirectly present the content) so I can work on editing hard-links to the current (database editing with find-and-replace commands works magic here), with a javascript rule at the top of the site template to check if a browser is viewing via the hostname "". If not, it redirects automatically! As soon as Sig adds the domain name to his Godaddy hosting (so Godaddy's server will recognise (, I will set the domain to go directly to his hosting account server and the proxying will end. After 48 hours, I will add a rule to the Apache server configuration file to more elegantly redirect (trying to do so too early will result in a server loop!). For peace of mind, the domain name has been placed in an account both me and Sig have access to. If anything happens to one of us, the domain will not be lost again! If anyone has any problems on the site, please let me know. I have been literally everywhere fixing all hard links. Any *existing* links to ( (from back when the site was under IGN's hosting) have been changed to '' where I keep a copy of the old site (thanks to Sig who was very nice to provide me a backup!). This way, all broken links and images are fixed. Eventually all the information on the old site will be amalgamated and brought up to date, in particular the FAQ's. I am currently digging through the old pages to make a list of old email addresses, with a view to restoring their functionality. From my understanding, addresses used to forward to staff's own email accounts but this functionality ceased during Gamespy's shutdown. I have found many of these addresses in mod descriptions, and it is about time somebody worked to retain their relevance. If you had an email address and would like it restored, please let me know and I will make it happen!
*breaths* Thanks for reading. I hope to give more news soon!
Title: Re: is back!
Post by: samspin on January 24, 2014, 12:22:35 am
The site is now fully standardised with the ( domain name. Shortly the and addresses will fully redirect in order to strengthen our Search Engine placings once I am certain everyone is seeing the site correctly.
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