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As you now know, we, the staff at PlanetVampire, could not deliver on the suggestions the community members wanted to implement due to the lackluster features and support for the circa 1999 CMS we were forced to use so we began building this site. Our hand was forced a little earlier than we wished, when the front page began automatically refreshing every second, so we put in place a redirect to the new site that had just begun construction. Note: This redirect has now been removed by IGN and we were subsequently told we were about to lose FTP access there if we did it again, though understandable.

At that time, we still intended to use Forumplanet as our forum system but some behind the scenes stuff between ourselves and IGN has made it necessary to completely part ways with IGN. This, along with the long disdain for the "upgraded" forum system IGN put in place in 2007, made us decide that now is the time for us to make the move and not only change the site itself but the forum as well.

The new forum is pretty rich in features, including:

-no ads, especially the ones that slow your system to a crawl
-child boards that link to important and popular files and tutorials, both internal and external links. This better integrates the site and the forum, so they are less like two separate entities as before.
-a pretty decent profile page, that also allows you to make comments
-a CMS within the forum. I'm working with a Bloodlines modder to hash out the best way of doing this but you'll be able to have free and unlimited webspace/bandwidth to promote your work. Once we work out any bugs, anyone will be able to have a page by request.
-site-specific smilies. I pretty much uploaded all the old smilies from before the forumplanet "upgrade" but we can add and remove them upon request.
-automatically embed videos and music(?) within the forum from many sites. You will be able to upload albums via the Aeva mod. Sorry, we will no longer be rick roll'd. :trolls:
-administrator and moderator tools we've always needed, such as the ability to merge ans split topics and the ability to report posts that violate the TOS. Yeah... it really was that bad...

and more...

However, it goes without saying, this won't be an easy transition. For example, there is allot going on in with Bloodlines atm and there are allot of discussions already in progress and we aren't sure just how to go about moving them here. The MMO board is also a clusterfuck of a situation. If you have solutions for this, make a thread and post it. I suspect in the shorter term, people will probably still post on that forum for a while. Also, don't take this as anyone forcing you to come to the new forum, feel free to post at the old place, it just won't have any staff or support going forward, as all of us have parted ways with IGN, except for Dante who is still with PES.

Please also use this forum as a means to communicate issues with the site or the forum but please also make suggestions on how to improvements to make it better for everyone. If there are any concerns in terms of privacy concerns or permissions ect, either post them here or PM me privately. We can also create separate user groups for people if necessary to try and accommodate them. The site won't improve at the pace it deserves without your ideas so post'em!

A couple notes of some things still being worked on:

-Forum theme adjustments. Someone is working on new icons and a few tweaks in the color scheme for us atm
-Redemption area of the site. It's incomplete and the final design is being worked out. We have all the content from the old site saved so don't worry, it's all safe.
-Bloodlines ares, we'll be giving Dheu's tutorial an HTML markup, much like the Walkthrough.


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