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Changes to the main site, Re-registration required!

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Over the past two days, me and Sig have been working on resolving many technical issues on the main site, and this forum. On the main site, the registration system was broken due to the sheer number of automated signups (aka bots). Around 22500+ stale users were clogging the database... that gives you an idea of the scale of things!
To work through this problem I have had to remove most users, but keep contributor users. To do this I had to export the users to keep (the ones who had uploaded files, and posted news on the front page, etc) delete ALL users completely, then reimport the saved users. I don't know about you, but this has significantly improved page load speed at my end! After updating the CMS the registration system now has a captcha challenge for new signups. Now, I know these captcha images can be super annoying, but it is the best fight back at the automated bots that were flooding the site. If you have previously contributed work to the site, your username should still be active (for technical reasons, deleting users who have uploaded stuff would have broken the files section anyway!). If not, you will need to re-register. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause anyone but I hope you all understand! Also just to clarify- this change only affects the main site. No changes have been made to FORUM users! Going forward, these changes should make the site much safer and faster. More to follow...

I have a problem with the main site. I have uploaded a file some time ago, so I decided to try my old account. It was accepted, but now I only get the Headline of the titlepage, and all other parts except the forum are barred for me. I can't even log out or try to delete my old account and create a new one.
Thanks for any help

I had that glitch happen to me on a test version of this site when I tried simply deleting all users. Restoring the full database fixed it. I did notice that parts of the database appear to be missing user permissions before I even touched it. Presumably corruption due to timeouts. (I have a copy of the site on my own server so as not to screw things up on this one when making potentially catastrophic changes)
Use this link:
to log yourself out. *scratches head, thinking* Erm, make a new account for now, let me know what it is. I will re-associate your uploads with this new account (by inserting your user new ID in the database table for file uploads where your old ID is), then delete the old one and rename your new one back to Malkav! Long-shot, but it should work.

Thanks for the advice. Funny thing is, this time I had it all working right. :chinscratch:

Having re-registered on the main site I haven't received an activation email, even though I've waited 15+ minutes now! If I try to log in on the main site I get the following message:

--- Quote ---The selected user has been deactivated or has not been activated yet.
Please contact the administrator for details.
--- End quote ---

So, how do I get this problem resolved?

EDIT: Problem seems to be fixed as I can now log in to the main site. Thanks for fixing whatever was causing the problem. ;)


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