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A Different Install Problem


[archive] RavnuS:
                Right, I've read all of the install problem threads and the problem i'm getting seems to be different.
 I have:
 Athlon XP 1900
 512Mb DDR
 GeForce 3
 WinXP Professional (Corporate Edition)
 My problem is, that when i click "Install" or run setup.exe, nothing happens. It just sits there, i get no splash screen, nothing. My Task manager says a process called setup.exe is running, but using 0% system resources.
 And after an hour of waiting, im guessing its not going to install.
 I've treid copying all the install files onto my hdd and running setup.exe in win98 compatibily mode too, but to no avail.
 Can anyone help me?                         -----signature-----           Malum Intra Est                                                       


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