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Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
« on: February 17, 2007, 01:21:00 AM »
                Had a chance to do a little Q&A with Valoris. It couldn't be done in real time due to time zone differences and conflicting work schedules but I think it turned out well.
 Q: You're from Singapore, can you describe the atmosphere there? Environmentally, politically, spiritually?
 A:  Wow, that's a big question, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet! My country is internationally known as the Garden City, depending on how you look at it it can become quite a joke as it points to our government's near-obsession with keeping our streets clean. Though we try to keep the ratio of greenery to buildings more or less equal so that we don't turn into a concrete jungle like many cities. That's the great part of it.'s also widely known that we have a nanny-government. It tells us what to do and we do it, and we do it even if we don't like it because we don't have much of a choice. Fortunately for us there is almost little to none corruption, and our government, while swimming in money, tries hard to "take care" of us...our housing blocks are continually undergoing upgrading, and you'll always see construction going on around here, re-laying the roads, new parks, new malls, etc. So at least we know our tax-money's being put to some good use LOL. There are people who make an effort to find fault with the government, but if you look at the bottom line, most of us have homes to live in, food to eat, and jobs, so technically we have nothing to complain about, except for the fact that the govt wants to have a hand, or THE hand, in everything. But hey...I can walk out on the street at 3am and not get mugged, so yeah...I'm ok as far as political goes.
 Spiritually? *laughs* I don't know how to answer that, but I think we could be a lot more spiritual. Singaporeans work way too hard. We definitely need to relax more, but we're kinda, stuck in it because we're too small. We don't have anything to fall back on, unlike other countries they've got things like agricultural and technological exports to fall back on, or tourism. For us, all we have are our people, so we have to work hard to keep us afloat.
 Signothorn: Some pics and videos of Singapore:
 A 5min clip taken from The Discovery Channel:

 A 31min clip that appears to be older:
 An Independence Day song featuring the diverse culture of Singapore:

 Q: If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be? Why?
 A:  Off my head I'd probably go with Hawaii. It's not just the tourist thing, it's the whole lifestyle. I've never been there but I guess whatever little I see in the media gave me that perspective. The natives are so friendly and relaxed, everyone there is like one big family even if you're strangers. And life there is a lot simpler. I'd like to have a small place by the sea. a job, I'm not sure what it'll be but whatever it is I'd still be happy. I guess being close to the ocean helps my moods too. happy
 Q: Over the last year, you've changed jobs to get out of a situation you didn't feel was ethical. Though you've expressed grief over your current boss, it seems to be typical boss critique. Can you explain the working conditions there? You may not have much to compare it to, but what are employee rights do you have in Singapore and do you as an employee feel constantly under the gun, so-to-speak? Can an employer there terminate you for virtually any reason or are there some good government restrictions in place for your protection?
 A:  I don't know a lot about employee rights, I know i should but truthfully I've only really seriously worked for about a couple of years, so I'm still learning a lot along the way. I do feel stressed a lot and that is something anyone working in Singapore has to be prepared for. Work culture here is less open and friendly than, say, the U.S. or Europe, in general I've heard that in the West it's slightly more friendlier, people-to-people interaction on a daily basis...the vibes, you know? The workplace there is just more friendly among Americans/europeans than here. I don't think an employer can terminate you without a valid reason, I'm sure there is a law for that as well as other restrictions and rules. I've only gotten fired so far for failing my 3-month probation LOL so that's as much as I can tell you.
 Q: You are a very talented artist, when did you first begin and what compelled you?
 A:  I've been drawing since I was a kid, really far back as 5 or 6 i believe. My mum would hand me paper and pencils and I'd just spend the day lost in my own world filling up that paper with anything. Some people look at the white expanse and they feel afraid. For me it was a medium with which I could live my fantasies. My parents enrolled me in an art class when I was about 7, and reportedly I quit after the first lesson because they were teaching us how to draw airplanes - which I already knew how to, and I was so bored, I decided I was better off drawing my own stuff than someone teaching me stuff I already knew LOL. My parents were kinda shocked to say the least.
 I've been drawing a lot less as I grow older though. I'm not sure why, maybe I've got too many things going on in life, too many things happening around me that I need to deal with. There's just not much energy left in me to find inspiration to draw. when something really hits me though, I'd take up the pencil, but it's happening rarely now.
 Q: In your story writing that you've shared on the board, you convey a very vivid atmosphere and put a great deal of emphasis on passion, where does that stem from?
 A:  *chuckles* Where does it come from? I've heard somewhere that there's a little bit of the author in every piece of his writing, is that answer enough? Heheh. I'm not ashamed to admit that passion likely comes from me. It's there deep down. It's a big part of me than I care to admit. I'm glad people enjoy my writing and notice those bits though. To make people feel through my writing, is something special.
 Q: Ever thought of writing a novel?
 A:  Aye, I had dreams of writing a crime-mystery centered on a royal princess in the Ancient Egyptian court. The other dream was a Regency-style historical romance novel. There are already a number of authors out there who've dealt with these periods though, and who handle it far better than me. If I were to write a novel, I would do it as a collaboration...much like what I'm doing with the other members of the forum here right now. I love bouncing ideas off and doing reactionary-writing. The stimuli you get from another author's input is different than if you're the only one trying to piece everything together.



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Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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 Q: Do you have any other hobbies? (Avoiding your dad when talking on the computer doesn't count:P)
 A:  LOL I'm quite boorish really! the only thing I'm really into is reading. I like to watch some comedy or crime-thriller on cable TV sometimes, plug into the radio and let the music take my moods, but otherwise I am actually very unexciting. *chuckles* If I was earning more I'd also be a regular movie-goer.
 Q: What other things do you enjoy in your free time?
 A:  Well I try to put aside time to be with my mother. On the weekends if she's not too busy with her own schedule she and I just go out and have lunch. even we all we did really was go shopping and not talk a lot, it's just the whole thing of being with her. I also try to meet my girlfriends for dinner once or twice a couple of months...they're what keeps me sane! I also like to just head out into a mall and walk around, take in the sights even if I don't end up buying breaks up what seems to be a very regular boring work routine, and just feeling things happen around me keeps the brain turning so I can stay relatively creative for work.
 Q: Do you enjoy traveling and getting out of town? Where have your travels taken you?
 A:  I do like to travel, though I've only visited countries around Asia only so far. Mostly family trips with my parents. I've been to Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China and Australia.
 Q: What brought you into the world of vampires and PV?
 A:  Bloodlines. I never was really into vampires until I bought the game. I visited the ofiicial website after it was shortly released, and i was really impressed with the atmosphere the website gave...a really innovative design too with that scrolling view. so rich and detailed. I went out and bought the game, and I was hooked. Quite a miracle really...since I never thought very highly of "modern vampires". Buffy didn't particularly impress me, I found the show slightly irritating in a campy sort of way. I guess if it was in a more serious tone like Bloodlines Buffy would have convinced me of the magic of modern-day vampires. But before that, no, I never thought much of it at all.
 I only got into PV after stumbling across it while looking for some way to extend my enjoyment of the game. Wondering if there were mods, recent developments or addons for it, then I found this forum, and voila, the rest is history as they say.
 Q: Did you read the clan books before or after coming to PV?
 A:  No, not much actually. I did skim through some of it way back while I was getting ready to join a separate RP group outside of PV, but to really get into it I'd be better off with a real printed copy. I can't seem to read too much on my PC, my eyesight isn't too good.
 Q The environment in the forums can at times be volatile and there have been times you have stepped away, what keeps you coming back?(not meant to be too personal or specific)
 A:  Honestly I have no idea but...I guess it's because my name is relatively well known here now and people respond readily to whatever I have to say. Normally in other places you're just drowned out and/or people are just unfriendly or immature. At PV, there was always this aura of mystery around it, even its members..must be the whole vampire thing...but yeah, people here are a lot more open, and I enjoy the fact we can discuss seriously taboo topics that you can't get away with elsewhere.
 Then there is also that whole other depressed side to the forums, which can get so bad that I do feel a need to step away at times. Heck..i mean, there were times I felt, "Hey this place doesn't need me anyway, why do I bother?", but on the other hand sometimes I'd read through these posts and I'd just can't resist replying back, hoping to turn the tide around because honestly, sometimes this place needs some cheering up and someone to see the silver lining in a storm of rainclouds or it might drown.
 Q: Here's a silly question: If you could go back in time and alter any event in history what would it be and why?
 A:  Eh....*evil grin* I'd stop God in his tracks when he was making Adam and Eve and demand that he made Eve first. how's that?
 Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
 A:  Hah! Happily married and living life finally away from my parents, a good thing since I enjoy some independence, in a very different line of work, and hopefully still feeling a youthful 18 even in a body of 35!
 Q: A more serious question: If you ever decide to have children, will you portray Master Cyril as the Boogeyman?
 A:  A what? You are kidding me. *laughing*
 Q: Are you looking forward to the MMORPG? You haven't really posted much on it, what are your thoughts?
 A:  I didn't post much on it yeah, because I was skeptical of the speculations. I don't know if I would have been even louder about it if it WAS a confirmed MMORPG....there are so many ways to do it, MMORPGs don't necessarily have to be bad like everyone thinks it will be. But yeah deep down inside I'm worried it will turn into a useless bashing game. I'm reserving comment until further notice, and/or if I feel really badly about it. Whatever I say now anyway won't change what the developers will do.
 Q: I know you used to play NWN, how would you like the experience to be similar/different?
 A:  Frankly if the MMORPG were done in the style of NWN, it would probably be as legendary as NWN is. Look at our community, look at all these separate RP groups playing the PnP WoD games. You're not going to be short of vampires for a multiplayer world. NWN has the perfect interface, I should say, for WoD to come true. And with the ability of the toolset to customize, let's just say the fireworks could last for a long, long time. Bloodlines could have extended way beyond L.A. Oh...just thinking and talking about it now hurts....the possibilities...
 Q: What would you like to see happen at PV in the future? Do you have any ideas that could make things better or features we can add using our limited 1999 buggy technology?
 A:  I'm just a little worried about the rather old system the board seems to be functioning on. It feels rather chuggy in a way...the aura that is (LOL been playing too much Bloodlines i guess) and these PMs have some buggy coding that has't been fixed for awhile. I really want the forums to move to a more stable, dependable server. The interface is comfortable enough but i'd like an option for advanced HTML so we could have different typefaces, more colors and text sizes.
 Also...maybe a photo-album of our members. that member thread keeps needing to be bumped up, and eventually it'd sink into obvlivion, so yeah, a photo-album would be nice.
 Then there was something I heard about PV members gathering for a coffee. That would be marvellous, but unless we can afford the tickets...i'm thinking maybe a PV chatroom might be an alternative. but then it'd take the focus away from the forums.
 Signothorn: Thanks again for your time and honesty to do this interview.                        



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Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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Signothorn posted:

  I've heard somewhere that there's a little bit of the author in every piece of his writing

 what does that say about me i good interview val...although...i have to say, mine was better, but that might just be hubris...                        


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Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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 Gratulations convicted but not conventional be in orders,hurrah fer the lady o valor!
 But wonderin be I s how the pursuing groom feel will when noticin mentioneds e was nots...                        



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Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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  •                 *smile* Yes this was quite an informative interview. There is quite a lot here that I didn't know about you, Valoris.                        



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    Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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     Indeed.  Also, it was definitely nice to just read an interview for once tongue                        


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    Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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                    Very nice interview.
     I never knew anything about Singapore until I read this interview, but based on one of its citizens(i.e. you) I can say it's definitely in great hands.                        



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    Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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    Skyra to Hollow posted:

     In Reply To #5
     Indeed.  Also, it was definitely nice to just read an interview for once tongue




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    Re: MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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    BlackRussian36 posted:

     Very nice interview.
     I never knew anything about Singapore until I read this interview, but based on one of its citizens(i.e. you) I can say it's definitely in great hands.

     same here                        


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    MoTW for 17 February 2007- Valoris
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