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Title: Media Upload Enabled
Post by: Signothorn on June 24, 2010, 08:57:00 pm
With the Aeva media mod for SMF, you can not only auto-embed videos from many sites but you can also create albums and share music (playback only) in the forum and even embed the music in threads. Since PV is a site that has no financial gain to be made, I think it's okay to post music for listening. Video is also enabled but the file size is restricted because I don't want FatCow hosting suspending the account again. Please do not post pornographic material in the forum or your media privys will be revoked. A little nipple slip isn't going to hurt anyone but please try and keep PV SFW and clearly label anything that may be slightly NSFW in a post before anyone clicks it. Skyra notoriously clicked meatspin at work a few years back but he was clearly warned in advance so it's his own damn fault. :taunt:

Anyway, to access the media on the site, head to the media area ( and see the albums available. To add your own albums, go to My Albums (;area=mya) and upload. You can also set privys as to who can access the media, if you have something you only want to share with someone via PM ect.

To embed the media in a thread, click on the media itself to find the code posted below it. Unfortunately it will not work in the media area of your personal profile page in the forum but you can use html embedding, like if you've made vids on Youtube or Moddb.

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