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Unofficial SDK (24.08.2021, v2.00)

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Bloodlines SDK

This is an unofficial software developer's kit (SDK) for Vampire - The Masquerade:
Bloodlines, the greatest game of all time developed by Troika Games in 2004.
Unfortunately, the company quickly went bust, and the official toolkits haven't been released,
thus leaving modmakers with nothing. As recently some tech-info of the game became available,
a team of enthusiasts decided to revive the modmakers movement by developing this devkit.

At this moment the project is not fully completed, but already
it can be used to do the following (with some limitations):

* Create, edit and compile original or your own maps.
* Create, view and compile game models (animations are still not supported).
* Decompile game maps and models for editing.
* View, manage, extract and create game archives (.vpk files).
* View and convert game textures between tth/ttz, vtf, tga and other formats.
* Create and edit game dialogues, subtitles and lip-sync data (.lip files).
* Partially create or edit cinematics and gesture scripts (.vcd files).
* Manage entity data in existing BSP files (paste, delete and change properties).
* Create your own Source/HL2-like mods with separate folders and unique content.
* Validate and clean misc game resources.

Alternate download links:
https://disk.yandex.ru/d/sBCKSDBDEcSW4 (Author's Cloud archive)
Keywords: sourcesdk  modding  bloodlines  tools  sdk 
Posted by: Wesp5 April 21, 2021, 01:03:41 pm

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