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GigaPack v1.31

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Description: This is the GigaPack, which converts models/assets from different Games such as
BLoodlines, Crysis, GoW, EnterTheMatrix, Sims2, GTA, NwN2, TheWitcher,
Fallout3, DukeNukem4Ever, Skyrim, Saints Row, LifeIsStrange, LastOfUs, Jericho,
Agony and other video game models, Weapons, Props and much more.
Make sure you delete any previous versions of this mod, Unzip/Unrar all files to
any folder, uncompress everything into main Vampire Folder and override if
Optional Expansion Pack:
There is a GigaPack_Expansion.nob as an optional feature, placing this file also
in Main Vampire folder will give you a Massive Character Selection. The file
is Optional because it takes a huge portion of the Character Selection. So use
it if you wish to have more available Skins upon character Creation.
If the game does not allow you to enter the Character Creation/Selection just
right after clicking the "LAN" Option, it means you need to Delete your whole
Folder, which is located inside your main Vampire Folder.
Minimum System Requierements:
This pack is HUGE, so you should have AT LEAST 2GB of Ram and a 1GB Video Card
with a 2.6ghz CPU
Recomended System Requirements:
3.2Ghz CPU, 4GB of Ram and 2GB Video Card, Vampire Redemption is really
dependant of CPU speed, so if you have a faster
CPU GigaPack should perform better.
Keep your NPC Spawns with the ST in check, Redemption is too old and dependant
of DX7/DX9, which was not meant to go beyond 128MB of Ram
So beware!! Your PC may be Overkill, but it's DX7 ancient Tech which keeps your
Monster PC from using it's full potential,
so don't blame GigaPack for any performance issues.
Due to Redemption not being able to save scaled Actors, it is best advice not
save maps on chronicles with scaled actors, once you load that
saved map/game the game will revert them to their original size. Not much it can
be done about it.
Some characters models in the Gigapack use upgrades such as _LeatherJacket,

_trenchcoat, _tailoredarmor and _Tshirt so
create the upgrades in the ST panel items that GigaPack contains. (Giga models
WILL NOT use Redemption Armor Upgrades)
Some stuff worth to check about Giga
"Martial_Arts_CHi" item lets you use your own Chi Attacks, press and hold left
Shift while selected enemy with cursor
and left click (Humans ONLY)
"GigaBike" item, just equip the damn Harley!
"GigaStereoSmall & GigaStereo" prop just spawn and left click on the prop to
listen to some kick ass music hosted by
"The Deb of Night", aired in Santa Monica LA (more than 2 hours of music and
Debs hot voice and radio commercials)
"C4" item, pick up and then right click on item when in inventory, and click
again to activate (do this close to C4)
"Mj Zombie" Actor, just spawn him and have fun hearing him sing... or just beat
the crap out of Zombie Pedo.
"AlienGun" item, watch out... this futuristic Alien Plasmagun is WICKED.
"Electronic Animated Devices Props", Worth checking most of them...
"Cat, Roach and Rat Wander" come on! we needed a little more realism! now you
can put roaches anywhere!!
"Poster Props from differen franchises" Decorate your place with tons of stuff!
Special Thanks:
Yhwh                  First and Above all
Javokis (like always) for Scripts, Tuts and Not Editor Fixes, file hosting and
extreme support.
VPaine                for the GigaRadio Script.
LenoraMinouge         Model Sharing
Signothorn            Promoting GigaPack in his videos and in Planet-
Nihilistics Software  VtM - Redemption Game.
TroikaGames           VtM - BLoodlines Game.
Blizzard              Diablo 1 sounds & Overwatch.
RockStarGames         GTA Series.
Maxis                 Sims 2.
ShinyEntertainment    Enter The Matrix.
Obsidian              NeverWinter Nights 2.
CD Projekt            The Witcher.
Groove Games          Land of the Dead.
Codemasters           Rise of the Argonauts.
Bethesda              Fallout3, Skyrim, Oblivion
3DRealms              DukeNukemForEver.
TellTaleGames         The Walking Dead/Jurassic Park The Game
Volition              SaintsRow    
Dontnod Entertainment LifeIsStrange
NaughtyDog            LastOfUs
NoMoreRoomInHell      Zombie Kids.
EidosM. SquareEnix    TombRaider  
Capcom                Resident Evil/Dead Rising.
PlayWay               Agony.                
CodeMasters           Jericho.

Spark Unlimited       Legendary.
TourettesGuy          for cameo in GigaPack.
Will Smith            for cameo in GigaPack.
Michael Jackson       for cameo in GigaPack.
Selena Gomez          for cameo in GigaPack.
Miley Cyrus           for cameo in GigaPack.
Olsen Twins           for cameo in GigaPack.
Xbox360/Microsoft     ???
Activision/EA         ???
Ubisoft               WatchDogs/AssassinsCreed
Others                whom i may have forgot to mention (Authors, Developers or
*All Assets, Copyrights and Trademarks are owned by their respective owners.* I
*GigaPack is mostly a retro-Conversion ModelPack from many games into
Redemption, but in some cases it MAY be using bits and pieces of meshes
from other authors, if you feel that you should be Mentioned in this ReadMe,
please mail me and you will get your place in
the "hall of fame" of ReadMe File.*
GigaPack Disclaimer:
By downloading this file you agree that I will not be responsible for any type
of damage this file could provoke to your hardware or software,
so use this file at your own Risk. Also, by downloading this file you also agree
I Am not violating any Copyrighted/TradeMark material.
You May modify or use files in this pack IF YOU CREDIT the Above
CopyRight/License owners/developers, don't know why you would use them, as you
can find these
Models/Textures/Sounds with higher texture/poly/compression methods on the
If you like and respect my work, consider donating to the cause :)
PayPal:      Paypal.me/etayorius
Ethereum:    0xC88649c56eAb7087132541A7EEF454aa4dAa0dba
Bitcoin:     1Jk8ddpvh6ukJP7x1aDBnUgufoszcf7ocj
Want to donate Steam Games instead?: https://steamcommunity.com/id/etayorius/
This file is free to share and use, if you are or had been charged any amount of
cash, then you have been ripped off.
Posted by: EtaYorius June 23, 2020, 02:33:59 am

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