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My Petty Bloodlines Tweaks REMIX

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Description: Greetings, I was bored and remixed or tweaked some optics for Vampire Bloodlines. This should work with any patch. I personally had most fun with the unofficial Vampire-Bloodlines patch 3.2 by Werner Spahl. This upload is non-commercial. Some PREVIEW screenshots come along, for sabbat just do the tutorial once more, have no pics of them. To use/check out this stuff, you must do 2 steps: Unpack the *.zip. Copy the files (the entire CHARACTERS folder with all sub-folders) at the proper place of your legally purchased Vampire Bloodlines game. The generic path is: C.program filesactivisionvampire - bloodlinesvampirematerialsmodels go into that MATERIALS folder, then click into the model folder there and paste the unpacked folder into it! Overwrite the existing, it does not delete your own stuff. I remixed and tweaked myself: - basic female Nosferatu armour (not perfect, just different, stealth killer style?) - male bums. I got sick of their optics when I replayed the game. Rewrote stats, too, but I don't share those yet. - JACK. After hours of testing I found one functional alternative to his junky in jeans style. - Sabbat Henchman (that black haired guy killed by Nines Rodrigez in example) - Shovelhead (ok, jeans coverall is not too optimized) The BUM.zip is an alternative version. To install it, first install the character folder, then take a look (start game?) and afterwards, go into that character folder, find folder named bum (it's npc/common) and replace it or the files in it with this folder or the files from this bum.zip unpacked folder. Gives colour to the hoods... HINTS: 1.) Do NOT overwrite your MODELS folder which is straight in the Vampire main folder! click into the materials folder, there is the 2nd folder named models and this 2nd one is the one we need to get into. 2.) If you want to delete just one of the armours, do it by selecting the folder, like bum is the folder for the bum, smiling jack is the folder for Jack and so on. Deleting them means, on next start of the game your PC loads the inbuild ones again. 3.) When you install this properly, it works with next start of the game. It is NOT necessary, to start a new game. 4.) Those who made the patches/mods which make other clans available might feel inspired to use or tweak more on my versions here? 5.) Check out www.vpaine.com in case you have not done yet? Loads of stuff, hellfire guns, upgraded optics for several clans... I made this file a ZIP, for easy all in one download. I wrote this info, so you can easily apply them properly. I hoped so at least.


Andrà M. Pietroschek mixed it
Posted by: Signothorn April 05, 2019, 06:25:53 pm

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