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Greetings!  I'm your friendly neighborhood Badger!

Roll 20 By Night is an evolving community of gamers dedicated to the goal of establishing a large scale World of Darkness online community, with multiple interacting games. Our current games utilize the 20th Anniversary edition of Vampire: The Masquerade.  We anticipate hosting numerous smaller games which are each run by one or more Storytellers. These games will be linked on multiple levels, providing opportunities for player characters to interact and influence their respective stories.

We are currently in the beginning stages, and are committed to continuously refining our experience.  Crowdsourcing player opinions and ideas is the cornerstone of our self-analysis and constant improvement.
We are seeking mature players who are interested in helping develop this project. You should be the type of player who prioritizes roleplaying and shared storytelling over “power gaming”.  Please understand that this is an evolving experience.  Sometimes the experience will be less than polished.  Consider yourself part-player, part developer.  We need to test the boundaries in order to improve, and we need your input in order to refine the project.

But, what we really need are Storytellers!  We currently have 7 games, and are interested in adding more!  Our structure is completely decentralized.  Each Storyteller has the final word on their game.  If you are interested in running a long-term, high quality, high roleplay campaign, come and check us out!  Pooling together our resources fosters a community of great players, making it easier for Storytellers to do what they do best with an emphasis on "zero-drama."

Come check us out on Discord!
Feel free to shoot me a message:
Discord: RidiculousBadger#6312 (Primary contact)
Skype: RidiculousBadger


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