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New Player - Similarities/Differences to D&D?


Hey Everyone,

Firstly, apologies for the long post! I just thought I'd explain my situation so you have some context before jumping in with the question.

Ok basically, I've been a fan of Vampire the Masquerade for years. I've played the PC games repeatedly ever since Redemption first came out - and since then I've more or less kept up with the lore, and well, generally just had a keen interest.

However, I never played the Pen and Paper version - I've never had friends that were in to 'that sort of thing'.

All that changed a couple of years ago though when a close group of us started playing D&D. We've been playing religiously ever since, and our DM has grown into a genuinely amazing DM.

Now, fast forwarding to today - I was just missing the VtM lore/stories etc, so last week I went and purchased the most recent VtM core rulebook (5th edition, I believe). In all honesty, I just wanted to get a little more engrossed in the world.

After reading the book however, I would absolutely love our D&D group to give it a go (which I'm pretty sure they'd be up for) - the problem is, I can't DM for the life of me, so I won't be running the session.
SO my question is, really - what can I tell my group (especially our DM) to attempt to sell them VtM? - in the context of D&D, as that's what they know.

I mean, at the moment they all know virtually nothing about the world or the game. I feel like I know the world fairly well and can more or less explain that - but as I've never played a game, I don't have much to say at all about how anything would actually mechanically play out.

For example - I'm under the impression that VtM can be (at first blush) a lot more 'personal' than a D&D game? At least, that is what it appears like from the core book. It really did seem to emphasise character relationships and personal (not physical) dilemmas. Is that the case?

I hope you all understand what I'm getting at, it's a little hard to explain! Thanks for reading though!

Hey there! I've just moved your post as Masquerade is Classic World of Darkness, not New World of Darkness (which is Requiem).
I've passed on your question to someone who might be able to answer much better than I can, please check back in a few days  :smile:  I didn't want you to feel your post hasn't been spotted!

I've also played the Vampire: The masquerade, It's a really dope game.


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