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Re: Looking for players
« on: July 17, 2005, 06:06:00 PM »
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  •                 Hey everyone,
     I'm part of a VTM 3rd edition game that runs on IRC. We have our own server for it to be played on, so the entire network is dedicated to the game. We use a bot to handle dice.
     What sets this game apart from most Table top/pen-n-paper games, is that there is no pre-troupe formation. Players are welcome to submit a character of their choosing, and the game plays out much like real life would. It's up to the players to make friends, find out secrets, gain trust, get involved.
     NPCs are there to give out clues and help, sometimes these clues will be blatant, other times it'll require a bit of running around (or patience) to get things figured out. It's NOT a hack-n-slash game. This is (What I beleive) vampire is supposed to be. Subterfuge, politics, double-crosses, plots and plans, both altruistic and completely selfish.
     Unavoidable combat with NPCs is almost unheard of, banning a really bad choice on a players part or a terribly botched roll. It isn't dice heavy, we focus more on the RP part. Dice come in during competitions, absurd stunts... things that *need* dice.
     If anyone is intersted, shoot me a PM. or you can check out the website, Or just swing by the channel!  ( if you want to skip the very spiffy intro )
     IRC server  -- the OOC chan is #Cacibajaguavampires



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    Re: Looking for players
    « Reply #1 on: July 19, 2005, 01:13:00 AM »
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  •                 Hey Tristen,
     Just saw this post. I'll take a look at the site, I'm interested in joining. I previously tried to join another group that's posted here but our timezones are hellish so not sure what that would end up with.
     Yours being IRC set up would make things easier I guess. Do you guys have a set time for meeting to play? Anyhow I'll go have a look at the site.                        


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    Looking for players
    « Reply #2 on: July 19, 2005, 11:24:00 AM »
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     It depends on your definition of "Set time". Set really doesn't have much to do with when we game, but there are a few of his Followers that pl... OHHHH, you meant is there a time when we normally play. Sorry. wink   (horrible, horrible joke, I know).
     For point of reference, I'm -6 GMT (Central USA). We typically play from about 1900 to 22-2300 hours on any given weekday. We used to start about an hour earlier, but my work schedule and the schedule of the other most active player changed a bit. On the weekends, it's a free-for-all. We've started as early as 800, and have run well past Midnight into the 400 hours, sometimes dawn the next day.
     Also, the game is structured where the player/character has almost full control over how involved they want to get into a storyline. The only obvious exception is when the ST makes something that revolves around your character, but we wouldn't do that unless you were able to get on regularly (and when things in the past have caused someone key to not be online, the ST typically steps in with his all-might-super-nifty-ST powers and fixes everything with emergancy NPCs.)
     Again, the game just started up a few months back, and we don't have alot of regular players, so that's why I'm sorta making an open call, see if I can find anyone who loves the game who'd be interested. happy
     On a side note, the House Rules section are written in a bit of a harsh tone, to scare of twinks and 'war gods'. So take it with a grain of salt... unless you're a twink or a war god. wink   (A 'war god' is what we call someone who didn't put alot of thought into their characters history or background, just cranked out some cookie-cutter character with heavy fighting stats, for the sole purpose of picking fights with other players, or expecting a hack-n-slash game.)
     [added Jul 26 2005  6:20AM]
     Hmm, I see there's been a lot of views but no comments or questions.
     I don't think there's any such thing as a stupid question, except the unasked one. And any kind of constructive criticism about the game or website or your opinions on STing would be greatly appreciated!