Author Topic: Favourite player character concept of your authorship  (Read 1514 times)

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Re: Favourite player character concept of your authorship
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Gangrel dentist with a ghoul assstant who made all the work during the day. I've thought vampire dentist is a nice clitch at the time, and I still do; this way I was able to have reasonably decent Medicine skill, which however didn't get much use, though. But having a male ghoul while being a female worked, when our coterrie was in dire need of dressing some crawled-out-of-coffin stranger. I was Gangrel because of Animalism and strict desire of not-being hideous as Nossie. I also had maxed up Dexterity, which I later on learnt to be the most sought stat in WoD, and you can call that a beginner's luck. But when I really needed it (well, not really, just for show - spider-like climb up the wall of the building) it failed me. Yet the 2n lvl Animalism combined with the 1st worked smoothly, when I used a flock of birds as a tail of one Celerity user we had to follow when our car crashed (no decent drivers among us!)
It was plenty of fun, that chronicle.
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Re: Favourite player character concept of your authorship
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1. Why malks are popular? I'm sure Deadpool played a huge role in this interest

2. I love to talk my way in where I have to go, get and/or obtain what I need, shake hands, and then raise hell upon them, destroying all of them from the heart of their fortress. Why? For the LOLs of course!
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