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Endless Night VTM forum RPG currently seeking players!
« on: June 26, 2018, 03:49:21 PM »

Premise and backstory of the rpg;

December City, Virginia is a thriving, wealthy port and tourist mecca roughly 70 miles north of Virginia Beach and 80 miles east of Richmond. Throughout it's early history it was of little interest to Kindred save for the few vampires who moved in to make a home for themselves as it outgrew it's humble beginnings as a trade outpost and into at first a town, and then a small city. With it's status as a port, a center for commerce and then an inviting resort destination the metropolis expanded in territory, development and wealth, and finally began to draw the eyes of greater Kindred society...with the Camarilla formally laying claim to it in 1842. Jonas Archer, an enterprising 8th generation Ventrue, claimed praxis over the city shortly afterwards, and the growth of December's business district is due in large part to his efforts over the following decades.

Rare for a prince in the new world, Archer retained his position until his Final Death...mainly because until the city became truly wealthy no one else really felt goaded to challenge him for the job when there were larger prizes to be fought over elsewhere. It also helped that he left most of the petty backstabbing and squabbling to other Kindred and concerned himself mainly with the running of and expansion of the city itself. As Prince he was firm but surprisingly fair; not automatically one to render harsh punishment for a breach of the traditions unless the offense was egregious. Illegally created childer were usually allowed to live (unless the elders of their clan as a whole were especially loud in calling for their destruction), and he was surprisingly tolerant of autarkis and Anarchs in his domain...qualities which occasionally made him the object of scorn for his 'soft-heartedness', but as December City thrived under his rule, he remained unopposed.

At least publicly.

As the city became a flourishing travel destination and cultural nexus, it suddenly became prime real estate, and rumblings began to circulate of other, more powerful, more traditional elders who thought the Camarilla would do better with another prince at the helm. In addition, the Sabbat had taken note of the city's growing prospects as well; and in recent years invading packs had become a problem. Archer had succeeded in putting most of these attempted infiltrations to the metaphorical and sometimes literal sword, and things seemed to be calming down...

Until the bombing of the Archer building.

With a singular, catastrophic explosion that incinerated the top ten floors of the building almost instantaneously and caused the rest of the tower to collapse into a charred ruin of burning rubble and shattered glass Archer, the primogen council and virtually all of his court were taken out in one horrifying moment. The remaining Kindred of the city were left reeling; in less than an hour their city had lost all it's Camarilla authority save for the scant number of individuals who hadn't attended the meeting that night.

The culprit responsible for the assassinations remains unknown, and the Camarilla outside the city are scrambling to move new leadership into December City before the Anarchs or Sabbat decide to seize upon the advantages the sudden power vacuum has created...

Seeking: Characters can be vampires, ghouls or mortals. Camarilla, Sabbat and Anarchs are all allowed, as are an age range from Neonate to a few elders due to the set-up of the story.

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Re: Endless Night VTM forum RPG currently seeking players!
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2018, 07:50:16 PM »
I've never done this before but I'm interested can you tell about it? When I say I've never done this before, I've never played table top, just the Bloodlines and Redemption video games.


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