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Title: Char Sheets for Fun
Post by: Rubinia on October 27, 2018, 03:17:35 PM
Hello there,

We all know that character sheet for a Vampire is more-or-less in-whole complementar and suitable description of whom we'd like to play.
There's no reason to not give a try and describe in dot-points a vampire-version of your favourite movie/book/other character. It's like making a Harry Potter on the basis of Mage Character Sheet. :)

I haven't kept to starting-dots limits, as I felt that characters I describe can be far more advanced than simple novice. I've simply read through Atributes and other stats descripion and chose the most suitable number of dots for each stat.

I used this version of 20th Anniversary char sheet: LINK (

Thus I've created a bit uncomplete (demeanors and natures gave me hard time and I didn't know what other traits were) char sheets for two movie incarnations of Peter Falk. These are Lieutenant Columbo  ( Abe Reles from Murder, Inc. (1960) ( - the latter movie just advanced atop my personal favourites list.
As for Reles' "optional" disciplines of Potence and Celerity (marked as optional by writting them a one line below others) I think they're nice touch (icing on the cake), but in reality he doesn't need to be any more deadly.

I also liked it how unexpectedly the summary of Wilpower&Humanity as they are implied strictly from courage and other virtues actually matches the personal code of the characters. Eg. we see (rarely) Lt. Columbo steals for purpose of the good-turnaround of the investigation (with Humanity 7 it would be moraly damaging for him) and Reles all in all is not so fallen to actually go on mindless killing spee.

And I do admit the two of them, they've come out strangely simmilar to each other. Maybe my view on Masquarede traits is simply twisted, or maybe I coincidently got the point?

I get it my examples of choice might be not very popular or recognisable (well, less than if I'd try and make a Dracula or Frodo or Harry Potter) but I enjoyed their making. :)

I invite everyone to try and make their own external culture character into VTM WOD character sheet bracers, if you like.
Title: Re: Char Sheets for Fun
Post by: deicide on November 06, 2018, 10:49:08 PM
Could have made a character into a Ventrue Knight, however, despite his name, I can assure, being more than widely known, the character himself is, in fact, unknown, even if not misunderstood, by everyone but 1.5 people, so it will be a pointless exercise in spreading dots.
Title: Re: Char Sheets for Fun
Post by: Rubinia on November 07, 2018, 10:03:56 PM
True, I've never heard of him. But if you supply the name of the source he's from, there's a chance to go and check, and see something new.

Here, out of kind of mono-mania, I give the partially-done Reles revised ( character sheet. This time I filled in the Atributes and Skills dot fields, all in the measure and accordance with what quotes from the movie would suggest. I list them below. The most fun is with knowledge of the source, still. Sorry for all misspellings.

 I'll put the basis in Spoiler hider because as a matter of fact direct quotes can be counted as a spoiler, but I don't think they spoil much.

Strength - "I'll touch you; I'll touch your face"
Dexterity - "So neat the execution, so swift the technique"
Stamina - "You do look tough." ("But either way who does")

Charisma - "Because I have plenty to say you want to hear."
Manipulation - "I like to, I'm looking to help you"
Appearance - "What's the matter with you, you lousy scum!"

Perception - "Now YOU look!"
Intelligence - "Do you know what I want? I want to straight up my mind."
Wits - "Think we're having trouble day"

Medicine * - "With a bum like that you have to be a doctor."
Politics *** - "What you have in Bronxville I have a hundred times over and Albert Anastasia has in Brooklin and the Capone boys have in Chicago"
"Names, names I can name! (...) politicians this guy'd be happy to drive a car"
Law **** - "You'd be surprised how much I know about your business.""Have you got a warrant?"
Academics _- "See, and he never went any collegue"
Investigation ** - "You know the fellow named Walter Sage, the comic?"
Empathy * -"I don't know what to tell you, Joe. I can see you've got problems."
Leadership *** - "Go fetch a car, will you, a good one."
Intimidation **** - "This is Bronxville. you know what? it stinks but I own it and around here nobody tells me what to do."
Streetwise ****- "I've got a few buisnesses going. Slugs, horse bets, shylocks..."
Brawl * - "That what I thought we did, but..."
Etiquiette**-"That's ok, I just was reading jokes.", "Hi Walter.How you've been?"
Drive * - "He's singing at court he was driving a car the night I hit Big Tracy's someone."
Firearms *** - "No! Don't shoot!" *Bang*
Melee **** - "He couldn't take an ice pick in a gut?!"
Science ** (facts of nature) - "And I'm the man who can tell you where to get it, but first I need' have my deal." "What do you have hands for?"
Craft * - (lightbulb)
Subterfuge *** - "The worst he's gonna get is roughing up"
Performance * - "Details! Like in the movies"
Larceny * - DOORRIIIIING!!!
Animal Ken * - "Animals like yourself"^ - from 'Witness'
Stealth ** - (lurkin in the shadows)
Finance - **** "Bar. Genuine marble. The whole apartment, all filled with special equipment!", "What's the income?", "Not because you owe me money."
Expression. **- "I don't care if you believe or not out of myself, but: do you want to see your husband or not?"
Survival **- "Before I forget. Send me some guards, will you?"
Technology * - "Despite (...) the heavy slot machine used as a weight, the body did not loose b-buoyancy and rose to the surface."
Athletics ** - "Take your time..."

Alertness, Awarness, Computer, Occult - ???
Title: Re: Char Sheets for Fun
Post by: deicide on November 08, 2018, 09:19:10 AM
There is no such a place. In order to explain anything, I should piece together quite a lot of information gained from different sources, not only in English, with an thorough analysis, write an article myself in fact, otherwise it will look like a weird far-fetched interpretation out of nowhere. Which I've wanted to do a long time ago, but never had a right time.