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Another soundtrack CD?
« on: February 07, 2019, 04:18:41 PM »
Maybe it's a misunderstanding, but I ask you the same:

One dude on the gog forum some years ago said there are actually 4 official soundtracks to Vampire/WoD stuff:

1) Vampire REDEMPTION SOUNDTRACK (it was an exclusive bonus of the collector edition and it is not present in game's files).

2) Vampire BLOODLINES SOUNDTRACK (it was an exclusive bonus of the collector edition/preorder and if you exclude 3 tracks and one music video, it is present in game's files).

3) Music from the Succubus Club (darkweave music dedicated to the 13 clans, 1 for each)

4) Another White Wolf music CD that was inspired from the World of Darkness theme. Can't remember its name or content, though...

Here's the link (but sadly there's isn't anything more):

I repeat, maybe it's an error on his side, but still I'm still curious if actually this does exists.... Anybody can shred a light on the mystery?

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