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PVbN Settings information
« on: November 09, 2010, 07:32:36 pm »

Cavern City:
  • Description:

Warren Town:
  • Description: Small town built of log cabins in a clearing of the forest. Originally a town of Hunters it now has business also from being a peaceful vacation resort and favored spot for various nature enthusiasts who prefer living out of the city..nowadays most of its permanent residents are considered mid to upper class financially.. Most of the buildings are considered old, well preserved or renovated, big standalone family houses or log cabins that preserve the look of the place since its foundation.
    By night the town is almost dead quiet and due to the low traffic only the sounds of foxes howling and crickets are heard at most nights.The main light-sources are old yellow streetlamps projecting onto cracked asphalt roads, old trees the odd overgrown vegetation that grows between the fenced plots. Garden lights and empty tracks of lawn still give a friendly vibe except for the remote neighborhood of tightly packed summerhouses that seem lonely, hollow throughout most of the year , their old style electricity poles and low roofs, the dead lawns or bare earth make them seem poor and neglected with only one or two houses that would have light on their porch.

    History: Town was established during the early 1800 when its founder and his family, The Warrens moved to a remote small clearing away from Cavern to found a new life and business around hunting and furs which were becoming  scarce as the forest was gradually pushed back as result of Cavern Lumber and Paper trade.. Slowly over the years Warren town grew, few more individuals and families decided to move there either due to employment or to get away from Cavern for whatever reason.

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