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PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« on: November 07, 2010, 02:18:57 am »
Here I will post the rules,  For viewing convenience Please do Not reply to this topic as all the rules would be posted on the OP.

Discuss the rules here Instead :

Most of that which is written here is in addition to the guidelines on the VTM:Revised core-book or slight clarifications and changes

Index of subjects covered*:
  • 1- General RP
  • 2- Player Characters Interactions.
  • 3- Rolling the Dice and Conflict Resolution.
  • 4- Gameplay posting mediums and Interaction (Forum, PM, Chat)
  • 5- The Storyteller Path of Enlightenment & Hierarchy of Sin.
  • 6- Problems, Issues and so on...
  • 7- Character Creation.
  • 8- Combat.
* New sections may be added as needed..

I am open to discussion about the rules so if you think there is needed change on any of them please give feedback on:

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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 02:42:48 am »
1- General RP
  • In Character:
    Players are encouraged to act and simulate their characters to the best of their ability, acting out the situation from their characters point of view and choose the course of action they believe their character would realistically choose under the circumstances.
    Every In Character action of your character can be rationalized from an In Character perspective

    Never use other Players character’s in your posts without permission from their player.
    You can however describe your character response to descriptions or actions these players already committed.

    Out of Character:
    Everything that the Player does or says from his/her own personal perspective is Out Of Character and usually belongs on the OOC forum or within a Spoiler tag.

    In Character Actions:
    Doors and Leaving Scenes should usually be declared and attempted first before actually doing so, this is to allow other characters to respond to your leaving or to allow a possibility that the door is locked/trapped etc... (unless you know otherwise)

    Never (ever) use other people’s character in your actions or posts without permission from their player , However you can use your character to respond to actions they have already declared.
    Spoiler for Hiden:
    Examples regarding using Other characters in posts
    Example of correct form:
    Jimmy storms into the room shooting a burst of lead towards Gary's chest.
    Example of exaggurated bad form in which I 'use' someone elses character without permission:
    Jimmy storms into the room shooting a burst of lead towards Gary's chest, Making Gary Cry for his mommy in despair as the bullets penetrate his chest and cause him to fly at the wall screaming
    As you can see in the Latter example its wrong on Two (maybe also three) counts:
    1) It immidiatly assumes combat resolution without consulting the Storyteller/Other players.
    2) It uses Gary's character without permission by assuming Gary's reaction.
    3) Bad overacting Id say  :justabite:

    Spending XP:
    There is condition to Spending Experience that is meant to simulate IC learning as opposed to treating XP as merely a metagame reward:
     You may only spend the XP you have on traits which you actively use or did something IC to cause them to increase. To Enable an increase of a trait to the next level you need to use it at least a total number of times equal to the new rating you are increasing to.*
    Rote Actions like reading or training can help and being Trained or Taught by another Character can help reduce the number of times you actually need to use it.**

    Pooling XP is still allowed though and choosing how to spend or distribute it on the traits with consideration of the rules above is still the player’s decision.

    For now, as not to inflict a headache upon the players The Storyteller takes responsibility of tracking this feature

    * Irrationally using a Trait just to have the number of times required to increase it won’t work and would meet the wrath of doom especially if related to combat. (see notes about Metagaming)
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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2010, 02:43:13 am »
2- Player Characters Interactions.

  • Actions and Choices have consequences:
    Actions and choices have consequence that are realistic(as far as VTM goes anyway) and sometimes do not happen the way you wanted them to. Maybe that innocent looking Toreador Elder you tried to stake didn’t go down fast enough, maybe going after a position in City Hall makes you some powerful enemies. Choose for the game is fundamentally about making and exploring choices.
    Note: I will say that as a ST I do not tamper with the odds. I create characters by the rules and have character sheets and role-play them realistically for what they are without OOC knowledge and if you ever suspect that I fail to deliver on that I invite you to test me.

    Player to player interaction would be resolved by conflict resolution as described in the corebook however to prevent unfairness or feelings of foul play surrounding this issue I will require that when a Player acts against another Player there will always be a rational In Character reason behind it that can be explained should the need arise.

    Especially true for Combat, PvP combat Never happens without IC reason.

    Embrace & New Players:
    Since this is not always obvious, Kindred can embrace Mortal PCs/NPCs but follow the rules of P2P and be aware of the Right of Destruction and other possible Consequences of embrace.

    Following the first batch of Characters all New Players will start as Mortals and may be embraced by PC or NPC Kindred.


    (Optional)Death and Post-mortem:
     To cushion the effects of death I add the following options after death:
    1. Restart as a Mortal Relative of your PC with 100% of your previously accumulated XP (up to 50XP which you can spend only on Abilities, Backgrounds and Advantages).
    2. Restart as a Vampire with 50% of your previously accumulated XP sired by an IG character of your choosing .(Up to 50xp)
    3. Restart from scratch as a Vampire of a special bloodline(some bloodlines are excluded)  this option is only available for characters with 100XP+ if there ever is one.

    Note: the focus of the game isn’t about accumulating XP and if I could I would do away with this rule altogether.

    (Optional)Rescue Cards:
    If there is a P2P Conflict that potentially leads to Final Death both Players need to be aware of that possibility and reach agreement before proceeding, if the challenged Player refuses s/he forfeits whatever it is they were trying to prevent their opponent from gaining and uses up their Rescue Card
    Each player gets one Rescue Card which they may spend in case they made a mistake and found themselves against unreasonable odds. Only defenders may use Rescue Cards.
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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2010, 02:43:36 am »
3- Rolling the Dice and Conflict Resolution.
  • Rolling the Dice:
    To roll the Dice you use the following format (roll)5d10(/roll) only with square brackets.
    The number before the ‘d’ represents the amount of dice and the number after represents the type.

    Trying to edit your post after you roll would result in indication that you tried to cheat so it is better to do the dice roll on a separate post

    Conflict Resolution:
    In case there is a call for Conflict resolution we will use the d10 roll system as described in the corebook. 
    However the Game will strive to use as few rolls as possible. Roll call happens by storyteller discretion. if its obvious that the player has the ability to perform something and there is no conflict on parts of the storyteller or other player than a roll wont take place

    In case a Roll does take place it will happen in a separate post or in a spoiler since once the roll is made the user can no longer edit the post.

    (Optional): Most rolls happen in PM with the Storyteller and the relevant players to prevent other players from finding statistics via the number of dice rolled.
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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2010, 02:44:15 am »
4- Gameplay posting mediums and Interaction (Forum, PM, Chat)

  • Forum:
    Most group related interaction will take place on the ‘Interactive storyboard’ forum to allow all participants to view it. Actions that are to be done in private with the storyteller or other players will be done using Private Messaging.
    Private Messaging:
    In cases where interaction must be done in private without the knowledge of other players the forum’s PM system will be used.

    For convenience Players are encouraged to  their Forum’s Private messages Settings as follows:
    <Screenshot Here>

    Every PM interaction must also be sent to the Storyteller or it never happened.

    In the future I hope there is a topic view permission per user or some other forum mod to make this process easier.

    Chat is optional for when fast pace interaction is desired.
    its legitimacy is retroactively subject to approval by the Storyteller therefor its usually advised to limit it to IC Talk without actions that would require rolling.

    For the chat to be recognized as something that happened in game the chat Transcript is to be captured and put into a forum post or a PM for review by the Storyteller so make sure the chat software you use is capable of outputting a chat transcript..

    To Prevent Abuse the Storyteller may review and Disapprove the chat if the chat is found to contains content that doesn't fit with the game’s settings or mechanics. 

    All able Participants present on the Scene Must be present on the Chat
    For example If you have 5 people on the scene and only 3 of them were present at the chat it would be disqualified because the 2 other people were prevented the opportunity to react.
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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #5 on: November 07, 2010, 02:44:40 am »
5- The Storyteller Path of Enlightenment & Hierarchy of Sin.
  • The Path of Storytelling

    What didst Thy Character learnth throughout this chronicle? --World of Darkness Storyteller

    Nickname: Storytellers/STs

    Basic Beliefs: The Storyteller creates a complete dynamic virtual world through much planning prediction, organization, chaos,  imagination and improvisation. this world is brought to life in the minds of the Players who build a story upon this world together with the Storyteller.
    The Storyteller enact the settings , changing the stage and its characters to  challenge and respond to the choices of the Player’s Characters who bring about more change through their involvement.
    The Storytellers however are not gods, they are not tyrants upon the world they create, by a large part they create the world for the Players for without Players the world loses its life and meaning. Indeed, the wise Storyteller works with the Players to extend the horizons of imagination and explore the world that was created to a deeper and far more interesting level than that which was initially predicted. 
    The Path of Storytelling also brings about the duty of Keeping the balance of the rules in order to allow the Players the freedom to move through the world while maintaining the illusion of reality.
    Ultimately the Storyteller strives to see himself, the players, the world , the characters grow and evolve along this creative process.

    The Ethics of the Path:
    • Be flexible and use Improvisation where needed
    • Lose no opportunity to Involve the Players.
    • Be Imaginative and Creative, build an interesting believable world.
    • Strive to understand the principles at work behind the Storyteller System.
    • Uphold the Rules while keeping the story safe and fun for all participants.
    • The Choices that a Character makes are given meanings and consequences.

     Storytellers subscribe by the virtues of consience and self-control.

     In ancient times people use to sit around the fire and tell stories to one another, parables ,tales of conquest or horror , their goal was to teach and inspire others for the benefit and entertainment of all. Today it seems that storytelling has evolved further to the realms of raw imagination in which the Storyteller interactively involves the listeners in the story, allowing them to experience it through their own perspective and even extend upon it. This medium continues to evolve and reach all forms of medias even in these very nights.

    Current Practices:
    The Arduous process of preparation associated with the practice of this path is evident to most and indeed many scholars and actors would shy away from it for that commitment alone and even those who are dedicated enough soon find that undertaking the Path is never an easy, Many beginning Practitioners soon find themselves facing challenges of nature they were unable to predict or prepare for. The Practitioners have played the Jyhad times enough to care not who wins or lose, instead they seek to create and explore new experiences.

    Followers of the Path:
    Followers of the Path come from all walks of life, The Path is close to humanity and does not demand total detachment from it unlike most paths instead this path builds on humanity which is part of the reason the transition is not always so complete. Indeed many Storytellers fall eventually and are forced to return to humanity or undertake another path. The few ones who remain found balance somehow amongst the vague teachings of the Path and its many burdens yet since it is not a true path and the Follower is still in touch with humanity the secret to this balance works differently for each individual. Most Followers gravitate towards the mysterious yet powerful Incunno as they no longer have interest in taking sides in the Jyhad, instead they watch the course of event in amusement or curiosity, playing both sides and none, making subtle changes to see what happens. The primary gain most followers seek and find on this path is a better understanding of action and consequence and the general reasons things happen the way they do which hones their intellect and perception.

    Path of Storytelling Hierarchy of Sin:
    • 10-Selfish Thoughts
    • 9-Failure to make the Story fun and interesting.
    • 8-Failed to Improvise when needed
    • 7-Did not try to Involve or engage the Players
    • 6-Bend the Laws of the world to force a Player into a situation.
    • 5-Lied about dice-roll outcome or Character stats
    • 4-Failed to prevent disruptive behavior from occurring during play
    • 3-Argued with a Player during play
    • 2-Exploited power to employ favorism
    • 1-Exploited power to deliberately bring harm to others
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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #6 on: November 07, 2010, 02:46:06 am »
6- Problems, Issues and so on...
  • Meta-gaming:
    In general, it refers to any gaps between player knowledge and reasoning and character knowledge and reasoning which the player acts upon.
    Meta-gaming is bad and ruins the game and role-playing experience for everyone..
    Acting against other characters solely because they are played by a Player you don’t like in OOC or Players “revenge-killing” other players without good IC rational is also frowned upon..

    To Prevent misunderstandings:
     The Storyteller will simply ask the Player( in private) to explain why their character would choose to take such course of action. The resolve of such explanation  would lead to mutual understanding and agreement.  Note that the ST also have a duty to explain to the Player  and rationalize their concerns based on evidence.

    Whenever there is an issue which two or more people can’t reach agreement on the matter will be settled by a vote of all the Players on the ruling.
    Note that such vote will apply the same rule to all players and future cases.

    Time since post
    Players are not allowed to bring up issues regarding posts from the distant past, Any claims about a post that is older than one week should be dismissed.  Why? because this is not a courtroom with an archive of protocols ,a Storyteller can't be expected to remember his line of thought and reasoning regarding a ruling about post from a week ago. So if you have a problem regarding a post don't wait to raise it.

    A Storyteller may make exception on this rule but only on very special circumstances.
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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #7 on: November 08, 2010, 07:02:56 am »
7-Character Creation:
Characters are created per VTM Revised rules

  • Background:

    Starting characters are newly embraced. The Characters all have been embraced against their will(No Shovels involved)by a Kindred wearing a ski mask each at different areas of the city. After passing out they found themselves awakening to a fit of semi consious red rage until everything turned to black again and the event described in the intro takes place

    Aside from that mortal backgrounds can be anything realistically possible.

    Its Ok to keep things simple and give a short bio of a few sentences as long as it describes who the character is how did the character became, what are his/her general goals and any secrets ,contacts or exceptional skills and attributes the character may have and why.

    You are Allowed only one attribute at 4 dots , the rest must be three dots or below.

    To further prevent twinkin
    You are Allowed only one skill at 3 dots the rest must be 2 dots or below.
    Clan selection
    All Clans that appear in VTM Revised Corebook are allowed .

    All Disciplines that appear in VTM Revised Corebook are allowed .

    Your Disciplines at startup can't be higher than 1 dot.
    I will allow the benefit of the doubt that a single discipline can be at 2 dots at startup if the character has a particular aptitude for it mentioned in the character background.

    The Rational behind this is that your characters are newly embraced and its unreasonable to think that they had the time to learn to master a discipline to levels 3-5, most of their understanding of their powers is insitinctual at this point, please keep that in mind.

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Re: PVbN Rules and Guidelines(Under Construction)
« Reply #8 on: April 06, 2011, 07:12:01 pm »
8- Combat.
  • Initiative:
    Aside from the canon rules

    Rollcall for initiatives is declared whenever the players enter a combat situation.
    To save time the Storyteller can roll for all the players so it doesn't hold everyone up.
    The resulting initiative lineup is usually presented as a top down list of the initiative order of the Players and NPCs participating in combat.

    In combat Players must try to keep their posts in accord with the Initiative lineup or explicitly state in OOC who acted before them and who acts after them so there is no confusion about the time-frame and the chain of events before and after their action.

    Posts that ignore this guideline should be ignored in favor of continuing the game and avoiding a cataclysmic event.

    Combat Actions and Descriptions:
    Since Combat in OWoD is an absolute pain there is a need to try to avoid confusion and vagueness about  the Action/Maneuver the Character is about to perform and where it occurs.
    Since some intents can be missed or misinterpreted in the prose of the descriptions , A very explicit to the point short reference to the Action taken should be included at the bottom of a post within a spoiler

    If you already know what to roll for the action add that as well, if you don't then ask

    Spoiler for Hiden:
    Action: Beckett Shoots Anatole
    Maneuver: Targetting:  Head
    To Hit :(Dex+Firearms Assumed Difficulty: 6+2):
    Rolled 7d10 : 10, 1, 6, 4, 3, 10, 10, total 44

    Damage : (Shotgun: 8+ Successes):
    Rolled 9d10 : 7, 9, 3, 10, 5, 10, 10, 9, 5, total 68
         (This is an example, usually the damage roll is done in a seperate post after because it includes successes)

    If you don't know what to roll or not sure Say that you Don't know or PM the Storyteller about it.
    If you think the Storyteller is slacking off and didn't answer you within reasonable amount of time PM him about it.

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