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                As I mentioned in another thread, I'm crashing EVERY time I try to enter confessions.
 Wesp may have found the solution as I read him say in a reply to a user on another forum.... her game crashed in Asylum when she spoke to Jeanette.
 What he said was did she listen to Jeanette's voice files in WMP. Apparently WMP attaches some bull shit to the files and the game doesn't like it.
 I haven't done that but what I have done is to open up all the licensed (and other) music files and replace them with music I like (or that I think suits the game). As I did this, I opened both the game music and the music I wanted to use, then dropped the music I wanted over the other.
 First problem: All my other music works just fine.
 Second problem: Maybe voice files aren't the same as background music files (maybe not even MP3s, I haven't checked)
 Final problem: All my other replaced music works fine.
 Even my backups of the original files have been opened and listened to in Windows 7's WMP. I really don't want to reinstall the whole game if this is not the problem. Please could someone who knows their stuff tell me if this is likely to be my problem or not.
 Please don't lock this thread. I have asked about Confessions in another thread but I didn't think of it as anything but another mod related issue and mentioned it as a footnote. If this is my problem this thread might help other users in the future.                        



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Windows Media Player to blame (wesp's post elsewhere twigged me)
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2010, 06:25:00 am »
LithocardiaAgain posted:

 Final problem: All my other replaced music works fine.

 The crashes are caused by tags of the mp3 files. Maybe you were just lucky that only the Confession music wasn't compatible. Try swapping it with another one that works inside the game.                        




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