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Unofficial Patch 10.7 released!

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For all early adopters that are still bored and stuck at home, find it here:
v10.7 17.07.2020
+Fixed Nines Chateau trigger and sweeper greeting Nosferatu player.
+Restored Potence and Celerity view particles and improved others.
+Corrected getting secret from Christopher and flirting with Nadja.
+Fixed second museum visit of Nosferatu and VV's lapdance slowing.
+Restored Obfuscator not appearing and repaired minor model issues.
+Fixed Arthur repeating his phoning and getting stuck in tutorial.
+Restored "TrueSight" for Bishop Vick, Blood Guardian and Cathayan.
+Improved Mercurio and Jenny sounds and made them plus patch only.
+Swapped Brujah clone with Damsel at the ending, thanks to DDLullu.
+Decreased chances of werewolf easter egg and prophet not ranting.
+Added safety measures to casting hand models, thanks EntenSchreck.
+Removed heat effect from fires due to Discipline particle issues.
+Fixed being able to take Romero's zombie quest after pimpin quest.
Added missing XP if you found Ginger Swan before meeting courier.
Corrected warrens strand and sarcophagus key drop, thanks Norrwin.
Fixed possible ways to get stuck in tutorial and big warrens map.
Added missing solidity of sewer and temple models, thanks Norrwin.
Corrected tutorial MAC-10 loudness and minor map and text issues.
Repaired self-locking door and stopping fanblades at Fu Syndicate.
Fixed blocking Confession barkeeper and sewers Ash talking early.
Corrected posters staying in SM haven and improved Empire dancing.
Added and changed dropping sounds of some items, thanks Psycho-A.
Fixed several maps so that new dropping sounds don't mess them up.
Corrected Boris dialogue problem after he survived fighting Dema.
Mentioned light amplification effects of Auspex and Divine Vision.
Added story pitch in page_text.ttz to transcripts, thank to IanW.
Fixed talking with Heather after you dealt with McFly in two ways.

Great news for those of us under lock down orders! Thanks Wesp!

Looks like there's not much left to do. Fixed a few bugs. Ok .. the road has been long so far.

Good work. However, I am sure that I will find a few little things in the next test (only with the german Version).

I think at the latest with version 11.0 the end has been reached. Unless there are new things to add.

I have try to make the female animation with flunky3 as the girl. Since i dont have a save for the wolf ending, i cant test it.

So it's up to you to try it. If it's good, i will make the male, if you want flunky4 for the girl i will do it.

I have decompile it and test it in blender, it seem to work so!

I have a suggestion for the next rc, concerning Pisha and the guy she kills when you enter the first time. It certainly is a good idea to keep the body during the first encounter. But I think you should remove it the next time the player comes down there. Maybe you could even put Patty and /or Milligan on the table, depending on who the player sent down to her, and how soon after sending them revisits Pisha.


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