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No voice for doomsday guy

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So I"m running unofficial patch 10.5 and the voice of "The End is Here" sign guy in Santa Monica, is silent. Is this an intentional change? It's been so long since I installed the patch I forget if perhaps this was an optional feature I turned on.

PS: I posted this originally in general. That is my bad for not carefully reading the subtext.

Oops, and I forgot to answer. The doom guy will sometimes stop shouting, but we haven't found the reason yet...

Ah, a pity. One of my favorite voice actors in a game with the greatest voice acting of all time. He has never spoken in my game :(


--- Quote from: Hal900x on April 01, 2020, 05:34:34 am ---He has never spoken in my game :(

--- End quote ---
Then there is something wrong and you should move around him a bit. There are invisible triggers that make him speak!

I tried moving all around him before posting :(


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