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Re: Isssue w protean
« on: April 27, 2008, 06:32:00 pm »
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  •                 I am playing through the game with Unofficial Patch 4.8 and P&P mod 2.275. I have been enjoying playing as a gangrel so far, but protean levels four and five don't work properly - I get the stat bonuses, but in 4 it makes me equip a melee weapon (instead of the claws), and in 5 it puts me in first person mode and wont let me equip anything.
     1. I know I have an outdated version of the patch - is this a problem associated with 4.8? If so, can I just install 5.2 and then reinstall P&P?
     2. Is it the P&P mod (which I suspect is the case)? Is there a newer version out?
     3. Assuming there is a logical solution, am I going to have to reinstall, AGAIN?                        



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    Isssue w protean
    « Reply #1 on: April 28, 2008, 10:27:00 am »
                    You should be able to make melee attacks at level four, though it looks exactly like punching.
     You should not be able to equip anything at level five, but you should be able to use third person mode.
     I have never heard of anyone having this trouble with any of wesp5's patches.  I would try reinstalling without the pnp patch and see what happens.
     By the by, just installing the new patch will not necessarily wipe out the pnp patch, because the pnp patch might have altered files that wesp5 did not.
     Reinstall the game and install wesp5's latest patch with the 1.2 and see what happens.                        


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