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Fourth discipline in the following 9.3 patch

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Julian Varga:
Before anything I want to offer my sincere gratitude to Wesp for his work.

In the name of variety, I love the option to learn a new discipline. From what I understand one can learn Animalism as a Brujah or Ventrue, Fortitude as a Malkavian or Nosferatu and Protean as a Toreador or Tremere.

I have small suggestion for you Wesp. Could you perhaps make it possible to chose which discipline one could learn? I find it a bit silly that Beckett would teach Protean to those who are not Gangrel, Fortitude is useless, and the current system of giving a specific discipline for a certain clan might seem balanced, but seems restricting.

I suggest that after the player selects the lines relating to the inner Beast, one has the option of choosing one of several lines specific to a discipline that is less than unique.

Like for example, the player can say that he always chooses to hide in the shadows for fear of hurting innocents, thus prompting Beckett to teach you Obfuscate. There can also be a line in which the player says that he always runs from a fight - Celerity, one about wanting to understand the Beast, thus prompting Becket's empathy lines - Animalism.

This is how I suggest:

Animalism, Fortitude and Celerity for all the clans. Those who already have Fortitude (Ventrue) or Celerity (Toreador) will only have the two remaining options left for them. Gangrel players can chose between a new discipline or a point in Protean.

Another suggestion in the name of balance: increase the number of required XP and limit it to 2 points.

Opinions? Everyone, feel free to comment. :)


--- Quote from: Julian Varga on February 11, 2015, 03:24:30 pm ---Could you perhaps make it possible to chose which discipline one could learn?

--- End quote ---

Hm, I think this would indeed be very easy to do, just block the clans from disciplines they already have and let them get any other. Celerity is out though, because Beckett has no fitting answer for it. What do you think?

Julian Varga:
OK, how about Animalism or Fortitude. Gangrels have the option of learning something new, or the vanilla option of one point in Protean.

The third discipline seems tricky to me. Dementation, Celerity and Thaumathurgy are clan specific, and/or Beckett doesn't have specific dialogue lines for them.

Is Potence clan specific (as in, is there any other clan or bloodline with Potence besides Brujah?). Either way, it's useless, because players already have Blood Buff, and strength points don't stack.

The two only disciplines that make sense, to me at lest, are Obfuscate and Auspex.

I'm a beginner when it comes to the lore, but according to the White Wolf wiki:

--- Quote ---Auspex... is one of the most common and favored Disciplines among Cainites due to its versatility and overall usefulness in just about every facet of vampiric existence.

Obfuscate... It is one of the more popular Disciplines practiced by Cainites, and is the source of legends surrounding the ability of vampires to vanish and appear seemingly from nowhere.
--- End quote ---

Obfuscate is always useful, even at low levels late game. Any player with imagination can make good use of it. Auspex is always useful for identifying enemies, plus a bit of wits and perception never hurt anyone.

Ultimately it's up to you. I just gave my 2¢.
Thank you for the reply and for considering my idea.


--- Quote from: Julian Varga on February 11, 2015, 04:29:28 pm ---Ultimately it's up to you. I just gave my 2¢.

--- End quote ---

The third option will still be Protean, if I ever do this, because there are hints in the game files about Protean for Toreador!

Julian Varga:
OK. Thanks for listening.

And, if you indeed do this, thank you in advance.  :smile:


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