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EVERYTHING to fix this game from Windows to Linux

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So, with apologies for the necrobump

One thing I've found on more bleeding edge distros like Arch Linux, is there may be issues between Wine and some of the shared libraries. I ran into a lot of issues on Arch with the main menu being blacked out, crashes or freezes on loading large maps or on big/complicated structures coming into FOV...

The best solution I've found for this so far is to use a Flatpak build of Wine, e.g.

This bundles actually working shared lib versions with Wine, independent of your system libraries. Flatpak has its issues, and the security implications of installing non-repo flatpaks are... probably not great either, but for convenience IMO it beats the horrible UIs of Bottles or PlayOnLinux. If you really want to keep flatpak-wine from seeing what's in your home dir, you can use Flatseal to limit access to ~/Games or something.


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