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Cant Install game without a additional file Help


[archive] Yexnor:
                I just brought the game from EB/gamestop. And I steamed or downloaded it. So I try to start the install but it tells me that I need to download a additional file first so I click 'yes' and it starts but then it closes and it says "Download failed. Check your internet connection and try again."
 I turn off my firewall to see if it works but it sill doesnt. If anyone has any idea or knows what additional file I need please help. I really dont want my money to go to waste.                                                                            

[archive] MooCHa2:
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 I would personally contact the tech support from where you bought it from and they should be able to help you.

[archive] bogj:
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 Maybe you have a problem with windows.
 Try going to and download directX.  Your directX may be corrupted.
 If that doesnt help, do what MooCha said and contact the vendor.                         -----signature-----           You may be immortal, but steel will dismember you.  -Robert E. Howard


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