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Bug: Santa Monica resets

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Sometimes I have the problem that once I leave Santa Monica and come back for the Elizabeth Dane quest, Santa Monica has reset.

That means the red car is closed up again (thats my test now if it has happened again), when I go to Mercurio he is outside his house on his knees, when I get to my appartment the intro plays again (and Mercurio crawls into his home on his knees), when I get into my home I can pick another $100 from the desk (not sure if theres also new blood), when I go to the Beach there is no boat (for going to the Elizabeth Dane) and no Mercurio (after lying to LaCroix that everything went smoothly in Santa Monica).

So far it has happened 3 times, for some reason always with a Tremere. It happened twice with 10.8, after which I expected that sometime must be wrong with the installation, but when I upgraded it also still happends with 11.1.

Since I always make a save after all initial Santa Monica quests (when Santa Monica is still fine) I could always go back to that and redo the initial Downtown stuff, but so far I havent figured out what exactly triggers this.

Though I suspect its something to do with LaCroix dialogues. When it happened, I redid the absolute minimum of what I would always want to do (go talk with the Tremere regent, talk with Nines for the upgrade of Brawl, finish the Venus quests for her money) and used only the minimal dialogues with LaCroix, not asking him for any information, and then it worked.

Can you please check in the console the value of the variable "G.Story_State" before and after the reset happens? I also checked LaCroix's dialogue and the variable is not set there, so it must be somewhere else...

I have a save before I enter the tower to get the Elizabeth Dane quest.

Story state is 10 when I enter, 10 when I leave, and 0 when I immediately take the taxi to Santa Monica.

I tested and went to Santa Monica immediately instead of talking to LaCroix first, and its 0 then, too.

Who was the last one you talked to and was it 0 already when you left him?

Well the last person I talk to before driving the taxi is the taxidriver. Before I drive the variable is 10 and afterwards 0.

Otherwise I talked with the guy in the entrance (Chunck) and LaCroix. Before and after that the variable is 10. I didnt check in the middle but I can do that too if wanted.

But even if I dont talk to them and immediately drive to Santa Monica the variable is 0 on arrival.

I am on a Tremere and I have never have this happened on another clan, but twice on 10.8 and, after I upgraded, now on 11.1 as well.

I did most of the sidequests when I arrived in Downtown. After this bug I only did Venus and talking to Strauss and the Anarchs and Santa Monica was fine. I have also played this second attempt further and saw no problems with Santa Monica.


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