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A quick guide to getting this working on a mac
« on: November 20, 2014, 04:05:43 pm »
So I thought I'd do a short and easy guide to getting this working on a mac using a Wineskin Winery wrapper and a purchased digital copy of the game. I'm using a GameFly version from years ago that I can still install through Direct2Drive; so I'm not sure if this works with the Steam version, but I'd imagine it would.

I'm aware that there is a wineskin from the Porting Team's you can use ( but there's a mention that it isn't compatible with Wesp's later patches and it seems optimised for Steam which I wasn't going to be using. I'm using a MacBook Pro with an Intel HD 4000 graphics card and Mountain Lion - mileage may vary with newer/older OSX versions.


1) Download the Wineskin Winery app from their website ( It allows you to mimic a Windows environment, but as it doesn't use any of the Windows source code it's completely legal and - most importantly - free.

2) Start it up, and click the "+" symbol next to "New Engine(s) available!" Select the engine WS9WineCX14.0.0 and click "Download and Install". Wait for it to finish installing.

3) Back in the original menu, select this engine and click "Create New Blank Wrapper" and call it what you want. I'd search for your wrapper (mine was in my tmp folder) and move it where you want. Once you've done so right click and then click "Show package contents". Double click on the Wineskin app.

4) A menu should come up, click Install Software and navigate to where your vampire setup.exe file is located. Go through installation as normal. After installation, you can install Wesp's patch using the same process - making sure to set the "Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodline" folder (what it was named with my install) found in the wrapper as the target location.

5) Finally, double click once more on the Wineskin app inside your wrapper and click "Set Screen Options". Check the box marked "Use Mac Driver instead of X11". Navigate back out to where the Wineskin wrapper is, double click, and the game should start. You might need to tell it where the game executable file is, but you can find that in the Wineskin wrapper c-drive folders.

I've not encountered any problems so far, and the engine used as well as using the Mac Driver stopped the graphical/cursor issues I was having initially. One annoying thing I have encountered with the GameFly version is you will have to "register" it every time you want to play (it doesn't know how to find and update the file which tells the game it's registered as it's hidden away in the wrapper) - as it's only set to register 5 times this will expire. I then contacted the Direct2Drive team and they gave me an unlimited license which, though I still have to input it every time I play the game, is only a simple matter of copying and pasting the serial.

Something I did notice was that I had a bit of trouble creating the wrapper with that engine (it was taking forever), if you do too then simply create it with a different engine (WS9Wine1.7.29 for example, installing the engine as per step 2) and when you double click on the Wineskin app inside the  wrapper (steps 3 and 4) click "Advanced" then select the tools tab and click Change Engine Used - selecting the WS9WineCX14.0.0 mentioned before.

I hope this was useful to some of you, and have fun.
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