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i really dont know were to post this but i figured i would get a response here

what happened if you were drained and two young inexperienced kindred open both thier veins and fed you the vitae, and while drinking the mixture you are embraced? wich clan would u be?

did the books ever state rules for such a scenereo, from what  i know or think ii know when the tremere created the potion that turned them into kindred they used a mixture of gangrel vitae and tzmisisece(spelling error) viate.

does any1 have any knowledge of this?
might add a history to my mod based on this if i can get the right info

thanks again

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I think the answer to your question can be found in the Revised Storytellers Handbook for VtM. But iirc, the answer is something like this: there are two possible outcomes. First, the vampire would become a caitiff, not knowing his true line back to Caine or second, depending on the generation of the two would be sires, it's the one with the most potent blood (the one with lowest generation, closest to Caine) that would become the real sire. But since characters rarely know their own generation, go with option two for mechanics but option one for in-game knowledge and roleplaying.

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The first drop in is the sire. You can't totally mix in homogeneity the blood.

I usually roll a dice, giving a better chance to the one with lower generation, and the disciplines and else will depend on who's going to TEACH the childe. Because some clans are more innate and some are more social. (aka, having tremere blood doesn't make you tremere, as well as toreador)


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