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                darthian will u upgrade this compilation with UP seven point zero and clan quest mod two point zero?                        



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Re: Wesp 69 + Camarilla + Companion Mod Integrated Released
« Reply #76 on: May 12, 2010, 06:00:00 am »
Drathian777 posted:
WESP or someone have any ideas on this nodes/graph stuff and this issue

 The best solution is to include the nodes/graphs files for each of the different maps.                        



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Re: Wesp 69 + Camarilla + Companion Mod Integrated Released
« Reply #77 on: May 16, 2010, 02:42:00 pm »
                Hey guys.  I've now played through with Vanilla (a long time ago), Official 1.2, Wesp 4.something, and this combination mod.  I've never played the Camarilla or Comp mods prior to this, so there may be some bugs they introduce by themselves.  Anyhow, I've found several bugs after playing playing through this combo mod 1 1/2 times (played all the way through as Malk, about to hit Society of Leopold as Brujah).  Because I almost exclusively used Yukie as a companion, I mention her name, but I assume similar things occur with other companions, as applicable.
 - In the tutorial, you're required to pick a lock with a difficulty of 3.  The stock game's blood buff gave a +5 to dex, and Wesp's mod gives you +2, so these aren't a problem.  However, with the Cammy mod, if you put no points into Dex, Security, or Blood Buff, your max Lockpick is 2, meaning you have to cheat to get through the door.  Using noclip gets you through the door, but I'm pretty sure the scripting afterwards gets borked if you do that.  I gave myself the dexterity occult item, then dropped it on the ground so I could get it legitimately later, but I don't think it's possible to get through there without cheats, or initial points into one of the appropriate skills.  Not sure if the Cammy mod by itself has this bug, but setting that door to have a requirement of 2 would ensure nobody gets stuck (not that I actually know how to do this, but from a random post I read somewhere, wesp's mod does it, so he should know how).
 - When first talking to Tung, I got the "hey, I saved your ghoul's ass" as a Malk, but I didn't see it as Brujah.  Not a huge deal, as I don't believe he gives anything except "yay you!" but still a (potential) bug.  I think this (and the next two) is a problem with Compmod changing his dialog differently than Wesp.
 - When finishing the Warehouse mission, the quest log updates to say "talk to Tung", but Tung gives no option to talk to him about it, so the log never updates to say "talk to Lacroix".  Not a big deal, as you can simply go to Lacroix as normal, but a noob player could get very lost.
 - When finished with the Warrens, Tung sends the email to retrieve his CD, however, the dialog options to give it to him never show up.
 - The Pull Toy for the posters quest never shows up.  After digging through a bunch of code without a clue as to what I'm doing, it seems that Wesp has replaced the Protean Claws level 5 item with the Pull Toy (while still referring to its original name in code), some serial killer ring for the next item, and so forth.  Since I never finished the quest without the combo mod, I'm not sure where to find the items after the Pull Toy, and don't know if all of them disappear, or just the Pull Toy.  However, I tried "give item_w_claws_protean5" as well as "item_g_ring_serial_killer_1", and the claws entered my inventory as another "fist" weapon, except using melee instead of unarmed.  The ring entered my inventory as the instruction book for the Odious Chalice.  Because of this, I'm assuming the Comp Mod uses the same items Wesp used, but made them something else.  This causes a conflict with no immediate resolution, unless there are other unused items to use as one or the other.
 - (Because the above list item was getting huge grin )  To get all the posters, I was able to do the following: leave your haven, type "__main__.G.Gary_Tawni = 1" in the console, enter your haven, optionally go check your email, leave your haven, type "__main__.G.Gary_Imalia = 1", enter, leave, type "__main.G.Gary_Blind = 1", enter, done.  Obviously, this isn't as fun as finding all the parts, but it will get you everything.  You could probably type them all at once if you don't care about reading the funny emails from Gary, but I did have the game freeze on me when I tried typing them from inside the haven.  Note that there are two underscores on either side of the "__main__", and the command *is* case-sensitive, so "__main__.g.gary_imalia = 1" will *not* work.
 - I had the above-mentioned problem of losing 1 humanity every time I switched back to myself after possessing, and I also reverted to a different save to see that it wasn't simply Yukie having higher humanity than I'd started with.
 - I also had the above-mentioned problem of not being able to grab the Odious Chalice and instructions, though using noclip allowed me to get around the issue.  You have to float inside the bed, just beneath the surface, with your view pretty much inside the object you're trying to grab.  (I didn't know about the Cheat() method, but this works slightly better since you get both items.)
 - Probably a "feature" of Compmod, rather than a true bug, but when ending the possession, my armor is in a different order than default.  With the weapons and items lists, you can simply drop everything and pick it back up in the order you want, but the armor is not droppable and can't be put in a container, so I don't know how to change the order.  Because the armor is in a slightly more "useful" order, I think it's done intentionally, but it annoys me.  If you have Hvy Cloth, there's no reason *mechanically* to ever equip Lt Cloth again, and I believe the same applies to Hvy Leather vs Lt Leather, so putting them in the order Hvy Cloth, Hvy Leather, Armor, Lt Cloth, Lt Leather makes it easier to switch among the 3 armors you typically use, but I tend to prefer the stock order of "worst to best".  Iunno, could just be me, and, again, is probably feature not bug.  A script to change the order (and setup the game to use that order every time afterward) would be cool.
 - I'm not sure how the "backpack" option is supposed to work, but it seems to add a ton of ammo after I place a gun into it, then take the gun back (though I haven't done any extensive testing of this).  Also, if you choose the "open the backpack" dialog option while facing a door, you'll use the door rather than the backpack.  This has the effect of zoning you and leaving a container shaped like Yukie in the previous zone.  Re-zoning and opening/closing the container makes it disappear.  I imagine the script probably calls something like "create Yukie container; use", without giving the use command any arguments, and with a door behind the container, the door takes contextual precedence over the not-completely-visible container.
 - After being allowed to embrace one Childe, if you embrace a second Childe, it shows a cutscene.  However, the cutscene showed a male Malkavian, rather than my female.  I just tried it with my Brujah female, and my character was invisible, followed by a CTD.  Not sure if this is a Compmod bug, or something else.  I've never successfully lost all Humanity or gotten 5 Masquerade violations, but I've got a feeling the cutscene is tied to one of those, in which case it could be a Vanilla bug.
 - One thing I noticed, that I believe is from merging the mods, is that human Yukie has different clothing than vampire Yukie.  I think this is because Wesp (or maybe the Cammy mod) used some community reskins, while the Compmod uses the stock skins.  This isn't technically a bug, as Yukie could have simply decided to change her attire to fit her new vampire life, but it does seem a bit odd.  I fixed this by simply copying the human models/textures over top of the vampire versions (though I was in for a surprise when I mis-understood the naming conventions and copied the Nossie models instead of the human models happy ).
 - I'm not sure what's going on, but I notice with my Brujah that I randomly lose like half my health.  It seems to only occur when I'm lower on blood, but I didn't think there were supposed to be any crazy effects from the Cammy mod until like 1 or 2 points, not the 5-8 I'm having problems at.  I don't remember having this issue with my Malk.
 Overall, none of the bugs I've found were remotely game-breaking, with the exception of the tutorial bug (at which point it's not hard to just reroll with a point into something, and if you're really upset about it, I think you can skip the tutorial by talking to Jack), so it's not a huge deal.  However, I figured I'd let you know so maybe they can get fixed at some point.
 As a request that's probably far too much work, but it never hurts to ask, I'd personally like a Compmod that does absolutely nothing except allow Heather and Yukie to be companions, as well as giving the option for Embracing them.  In fact, I'd be fine with only allowing Yukie as a companion, preferably with the Embrace option so she's a bit tougher (though preventing the loss of Heather is nice).  Ever since playing the game years ago, convincing Yukie to stay and fight the evil demons along with the player just seemed natural (and damn is she cute :P), but I don't personally have any use for anything else (although I did laugh my ass off when I opened the portal and realized who was coming through, it doesn't really fit the game, imo).  A lite version of this nature should have zero interference with any of the quests, and would, at worst, mess up the items you get from Heather throughout the game.  If something like this was made, having an option in the installer for either the full version or the lite version would be cool.  (Something else that would be nice is calculating how many xp the player has, based on skill levels, and allowing me to allocate that many points to Yukie/Heather, then having it save her skills in that configuration, rather than being stuck with a default config for them, but that's probably well beyond this thread.)
 Finally, I'd just like to say thanks to all the authors of these mods, because they really are awesome.  And just because I posted a bazillion lines of "your mod is broke" doesn't mean I don't like it.  In fact, the vast majority of the game works flawlessly, even with three different mods merged into one, so I have no problem with using them just the way they are.   applause                        



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Re: Wesp 69 + Camarilla + Companion Mod Integrated Released
« Reply #78 on: May 17, 2010, 09:35:00 am »
Fosley posted:

 As a request that's probably far too much work, but it never hurts to ask, I'd personally like a Compmod that does absolutely nothing except allow Heather and Yukie to be companions, as well as giving the option for Embracing them.

 I actually agree with you. Regardless of the fantastic work the CompMod is, besides also having started the Bloodlines mod scene anew, in my eyes Dheu went completely over the top in a way which doesn't really fit to the original game...                        



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Wesp 69 + Camarilla + Companion Mod Integrated Released
« Reply #79 on: May 19, 2010, 05:55:00 pm »
 I never played the comp-mod as I don't like the whole idea. But as beta tester for camarilla edition 1.2 and author of 1.3, I can try to answer your questions concerning this part.
 - The lock in the tutorial is an issue of the merge. It was set to difficulty 2 for CE.
 - For the Tung dialogue: Did your Brujah have at least 3 perception when he talked to Knox in the Asylum? If you hadn't found out about the scheme when agreeing to kill the Cathayan, you don't get the option. And remember that a Malk has different texts from everybody else.
 - The Bertram CD quest only shows up for other clans than Nosferatu if you choose to play with the plus patch option. In CE you can play this quest with any clan. Your problem might be due to the fact that comp mod is built on a rather old version of Wesps patches.
 - The pull toy is a known issue for CE 1.2. There is a workaround. this link. You probably won't have to worry about the other items turning into webcams if you use the compilation, but I'm not sure.
 Most of your next concerns are purely related to comp mod, so I can't tell you anything about that.
 -damage due to bloodloss is supposed to start at about 6 or 7 ploodpoints left. But the first damage is only a few points and will heal fast, so you probably didn't really notice it when you played the Malk. At 4 or 5 blood left, it starts to get serious. As far as I know, this damage is not due to any mod, but also in the vanilla version.
 I hope I could answer at least a few of your questions.                        




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