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Imagine this addition to the game.

At random times when you feed on a victim you will see flashing images of some key moments in their lives as well as flashing images of fangs and blood splatter to further remind you that you are indeed an attacker.

During those visual effects, sound effects will also be present throwing some hints and worried dialogues in our face but not directly talking to us. It's something akin to the "I'm a little worried of that Sollozzo fella, go and find out what he's doing" sound effect that plays as you just enter a car to drive Luca in The Godfather 1 game.


"Lineage Disruption"

You can also call it "Race Betrayal" but the primary sounds better so I stick to it.

It's a mechanic that works a bit similary to our "Masquerade" mechanic.

As you finish feeding on victims and experience their lives, you are presented with inner monologue options to choose from. Those monologue options are offered as soon as you finish feeding AND during random times of non-engagement so to say. What I mean is they simply appear when you aren't doing any major activity. So, when you walk, run, dance and what more...

The goal of these inner monologues is to force the character to think of the consequences and become more attached to the concept of morale that humans have.

IDEALLY I would wish for us to be able to move even as those monologue choices pop up as I personally would like a lot of monologue to be present but not "stop" the game at the same time.

As you chose from a variety of these inner monologues, each choice is putting a leverage on your "Lineage Disruption", and bear in mind, some of these should be trick choices. If you hit very low you will become unable to feed off of humans or anyone but rats.

This in turn is forcing the player to play pacifist. From one point of view that is. You aren't feeding but you'll still be able to kill as you aren't experiencing their lives by slashing. And that experience is the sole reason why you're affected as you are.

You will not be able to feed. You are forced to find blood packs or feed of off rats.

And here are more points that come with this:

- More blood packs are present in the game but it becomes increasingly harder to get any.

- Feeding off of rats will start to lower your Intimidation, Charisma and similar stats (it shall not touch the Seduction stat in my opinion as dirty is the new in for some and it could be too much, but just could, debate on that), making it harder for the player to progress. Optionally it will not only lower said stats but will at times include a dizziness effect, making it harder for the player perform fights.

- Very, very, very, very slowly the Lineage Disruption mechanic will clam down and lower it's points. However, did I mention it will happen very slowly? :) We need to introduce an alternative don't we? Okay I got it covered in the next lines of text.

The only other way to restore it is WHEN, and IF you meet Heather. And DURING the time when she's still your ghoul.

You are now able to order Heather to collect blood from victims.

This introduces 2 animations (either existing that fit but don't come to mind or new ones).

a) An animation where she's seemingly pushing a bottle against a wounded area on a victim who is laying on the ground dead.
b) An animation where she's seemingly putting a razor against the neck or a living victim (would be hard to focus on the neck right? so lets keep it at an appropriate angle then) and as well pushing a bottle against that area.

The player now receives 1 blood pack each say 20 victims? (why 20, because I want to make it harder and 20 isn't a lot but coupled with the potential risks I'd say it's enough) which he can indeed use but blood packs gained this WAY specifically still have a chance of ruining your Lineage which essentially is a gamble and up to you to decide.

Potential risks: masquerade loss and criminal activity as well as vampire hunters

If you chose not to use these blood packs you can in a way become a black market dealer by selling these packs to vampires on the street.

Issues and stuff for debate:

How can you identify vampires on the street?

Can you think of a more higher class way as opposed to the black market dealer path?

Should the number be 20 victims or higher?

Should seduction stat stay untouched?

Can you think of another way other than using Heather?

Should there be another way other than using Heather?

A big issue is that in reality why do you need Heather if you can do it yourself?
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