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Hi you all!

I'm currently translating CQM to Spanish, but that's not important to the topic.

The thing is, some characters (ñ, ó, etc) who aren't used in English don't appear in-game. I asked Wesp and he nicely told me that I should ask people who translated the game to French or Russian, since they have different characters too. Any kind soul to help me out? =P

Hope you are doing great!

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Dlan clan made a spanish translation when 1.2 official patch was released. You can ask them...

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Boy I was looking for the same answer about accented characters myself all over internet but it almost seems like this topic has met its final death. Luckily I was able to contact Polish translators who gave me vague pointers. However I can't confirm whether this is the only possible way how to achieve accented characters in game or someone figured a way how to hack the engine itself.

Luckily for you I've been through days of struggles and pains to figure out all the pitfalls and I am going to share the mastered know-how with you.

The mechanism works this way. The engine is capable of correct displaying of codepage 1252 only and in some cases only the Basic-Latin part of that. By some cases I mean the various occurrences of displayed fonts configured in file resource\trackerscheme.res. What you want to achieve is to configure the file to use external fonts (which must be installed in the OS) and you want to redraw some font characters included in CP1252 to actually display different accented characters which you will then substitute in the game texts. Not too complicated yet? Wait, there's more to discover.

So these are the only characters you may substitute in fonts to achieve whatever accented characters you need in game (these will actually display unified for all types of font occurrences and won't cause strange issues like double CP referrence):

You can't even imagine how priceless it is to already know which characters are usable and which not.
So once you edit all the fonts that are to be used then you need to search&replace all the accented characters in game texts to display these substitutes. I don't remember exactly why but you want to substitute Uppercase character of the above for your most commonly used accented characters (lowercase are more common) because most lowercase of the above will cause text exceeding the dialogue window and sticking out of the box... And the less of them used in a line is a good chance it won't stick out fully. I know it's hard to understand as it is hard to explain but experiment for yourself and you will figure it out eventually with this help.

Wait! You're not done yet. These lip files under sound folder which display floating text in game will have screwed word wrapping (will cut the words in line instead of wrapping) because of the special characters used. You need to additionally substitute some most commonly used accented characters (lowercase only presumably) as only these are available, not more:

Only these special characters will not cause screwed word wrapping for floating text and also won't replace important  functional characters contained in lip files.

Oh and I could not figure out how to replace hackterminal font as that one does not seem to be in trackerscheme.res so you'd probably need to settle with unaccented characters in hackterminals which is not that bad considering how much worse this whole struggle could have been.

You might value resources for this work found here

Maybe this could be pinned in Modding board as the topic really has some priceless wanted value not to be found anywhere else so easily.

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Thanks a lot to both of you! Especially miracle.flame, I'm a bit busy right now to read the whole thing, but THANK YOU. I'll read it again tomorrow!

I selected it as the best answer, since it could help tons of translators!

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I though I'll add some more info which may be useful for translators seeking help (just like the other guy did so I responded this way).

Hello Karabibik,

you are sooo lucky I found your message so early on! For some reason messages from Forum <> ended up in spam folder of gmail. I very rarely check that folder but now I was looking for an automated message from Polish forums that happen to be dealing with another game engine translations... where I seek help myself.

Normally I won't be in mood to provide more than a vague response. But since I am looking for help myself I find it fair to help fellow kindred.

1. I did not find any successful way to utilize different encoding of the files. It has to remain the same as original, you can only work with the codepage table provided. Refer to my post for valuable info on that -!-(any-french-or-russian-translator-could-help-too!)/msg132434/#msg132434

2. the latest Bloodlines SDK which is bundled in the Unofficial Patch (you have to check the box to install it along with the patch) contains a tool for creating the lip files one by one. I do not recall now what's its name but it's there for sure. However I found it easier and faster to just use our massconvert Ruby script found in our github repository - translate_lip.rb and translate_ff_lip.rb and translate_UP+lip.rb. I can't recall the exact algorithm of the script and I can't read it as it was scripted by my colleague but basically it takes the first line of all the lip files in ./cestina_1250/sound folder (containing the translation in the first line) and automatically process them the way that meets below criteria.

Basically for lip files to actually work you need to make translation in the line at the bottom
PHRASE char nn "xxx"
char - make sure this is char and not uni or utf or what's there originally otherwise it won't accept normal ansi text
nn - this number has to be the SUM of all characters of the translation xxx plus the quotations so xxx+2
xxx - the translated text

and the lip files need to be converted to 1250 codepage.

3. all the files under gog_bloodlines_cz/cestina/ contain translated files indeed. I'll make a summary of what is where later on once I'm back from work.

4. Our Github repository is made in a way which utilizes the scripts which automate all the process
- script converts all the utf8 files to 1250 codepage for the game - cestina folder only
- converts all the utf8 files to 1250 codepage for the game - UP_Plus_CZ folder only
- translate_lip.rb - process the lip translations within the newly converted cestina_1250 folder
- translate_UP+lip.rb - process the lip translations within the newly converted UP_Plus_CZ_1250 folder
- CZ_fonty/FontFriendly_dump.cmd - converts the translation from cestina_1250 to fontfriendly accented characters replacement
- CZ_fonty/UPplus_FFdump.cmd - converts the translation from UP_Plus_CZ_1250 to fontfriendly accented characters replacement
- Instalator/compile.cmd compiles the installer based on script.nsi (the important part is the installation of fonts) but this is specifically for Czech end users


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