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Changing an NPC's model into a different NPC?
« on: March 30, 2019, 12:18:21 am »
Specifically, I'm trying to change Heather's model into Samantha's model. I'm not a fan of how Heather looks and I thought Samantha's design was too nice to only use once.

So, I tried following the guide that comes with the Patch_Extras but I can't make sense of it. A lot of it is specifically for changing textures, but all I want to do is change the model and use the original textures.

From what I read in it, it seemed like I could just use the Hammer program to change what model it uses, but there doesn't seem to be anything that it can open? I couldn't find any map files to open.

I tried a more straight forward route by changing the model to Samantha's model by copying and pasting Samantha's MDL file to Heather's folder and changing the name. Then I moved Samantha's textures to Heather's texture folder. And I changed in the VPKTool kit the path for the textures and the model name.

I go in game and Heather is just invisible. Am I missing something? It's clearly doing something, since her model is invisible, but it's not doing what I want it to.

Sorry if I'm just being stupid, the only games I've modded were Elder Scrolls and they were a lot more straight forward, ahahaha.

Any help is appreciated!

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Re: Changing an NPC's model into a different NPC?
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2019, 05:01:29 am »
See if next the .tth/.ttz texture files there are also their .vmt file. Those are plain text files, like any .txt, and contains texture paths of that texture.

If you instead wanted to use her model without changing her textures then it was only necessary to copy the model files without making the changes with the VPKTools.

Remember Heather has also other outfits: goth, lingerie and near death. If you want to differentiate her look then you need to do extract the textures, editing the model with VPKTools and the textures.
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