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Pipe Dreams and other Ramblings
« on: March 08, 2007, 04:15:00 pm »
                This is probly a rehash of a early post but I thought it would be nice for the comunity to have a place to comment and discuse their ideas for Mods.  While most of these ideas depend on the efforts of the Bloodlines Revival project. It is nice to at lease bounce ideas off one another.
 [added Mar  8 2007  9:45PM]
 I made this comment in the revival page but with the the amount of views and lack of posts I'll start things off:
 Ok this is a sugestion for the Revival. But it would be nice to allow a skin selection section in the character creation menu. This would benifit all the hard work skinning that the comunity has done. This may encourage more content to be created sparking a even larger base of skin mods for all the diferent clans.
 [added Mar  9 2007  8:22PM]
 I was looking at my rather empty thread so I thought I would add a few idea's I had in the last couple of days.
 1. I was thinking that the NPCs could be given character scrips not unlike the one used in Oblivion to show that the world moves on even without the player's involvement.  Conversations in between NPCs, prositutes propositioning Johns, and other interactions that have thus been lost while I typed this.
 2. In a later chapter of the game or a possable expansion mod.  It would be interesting to expand on the Santa Monica boardwalk/theme park.
 3. It would kinda of fun to add a station select option to the radio tie this into a simple MP3 player and some great tunes you can have your own radio station.  In the game of course.  I would place some Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Joydrop, The Doors, Type O Negative, and just because i think it would be a great track for the Last Round George Thorogood's One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.                        


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