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Re: Pen and Paper Mod
« Reply #375 on: November 06, 2017, 10:51:07 pm »
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  • Hi I just tried clicking on the links but I get error 404 not found, is there somewhere else I can go to?

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    Re: Pen and Paper Mod
    « Reply #376 on: November 07, 2017, 08:36:32 am »
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  • Not sure, but it might be on ModDB.
    Co Author of Camarilla Edition Mod

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    Re: Pen and Paper Mod
    « Reply #377 on: June 24, 2019, 03:04:54 am »
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  • First of all sorry for refloat a post which has no entries since november the
    seventh of 2017.

    I did not know of the existence of this mod so i started making my own with
    some modifications which some are already made over the unofficial patch and
    the rest i would like to make but i do not know how. I did not know where to
    post this so i decided to post it here because i think is the most similar
    mod i wanted to create and i did not want to start a new thread to not saturate
    the forum so i selected this mod, then i read all the post and finally post my
    own addon.

    1. Character creation:
        I think a recent created vampire should not have FOUR points in disciplines
        which nobody taught him. Instead of that, every new character starts with 5
        attribute points distributed the way i think they are more useful for an
        archetipic specimen of that clan (a nosferatu would have dexterity, a
        toreador appearance, a tremere intelligence...), also you can spend some
        more points along the character creation.

        In abilities i distribute 4 points that may or may not be reflected in the
        limitated character sheet. As before i put the circules where i consider is
        more appropiate, also you can spend a few more points at the moment of
        creating your character.

    2. Disciplines:
        About the disciplines... You have no starting points points in any
        discipline although you have one point at the time of the character
        creation. I consider the vampire may have been for a time ghoul of her /
        his sire developing any discipline to make easier working for your creator
        or simply the tension and the sudden changes and your new vampiric
        condition made you get that point.

        One more thing about the disciplines is you can choose any common
        discipline as well as your clan's, however the disciplines which are not
        inherently from your clan are more expensive to increase and some of them
        are available for your clan or not.Here goes a table of which common
        disciplines can not be learned by which clans and why:
            -Brujah: Auspex. Their Mental attributes are tertiary and they are
            focused more in combat than inspection.

            -Gangrel: Presence. Their social attributes are not their priority and
            if they want to impress somebody they prefer to use their strength.

            -Malkavian: Fortitude. Even though they are used to pain and suffering
            it is part of their nature, they even "enjoy" it in some way making
            themselves the victim.

            -Nosferatu: Dominate. They are horrendous and twisted, but the lack of
            social interactions impede they can reach the manipulative mastery for
            learning this discipline, but it does not prevent they can be
            exquisitely cruel at the time of demand a payment for their favors.
            -Toreador: Animalism. They are so so so social that the only thinking
            of treating animals as equals is inexistent in their minds, however it
            does not prevent they can no fall spellbound for the cuteness of a

            -Tremere: Potence. The phisical limitations extends to the supernatural
            powers, however they can still buy fortitude, so many time of study
            requires a lot of resistance and aplomb.

            -Ventrue: Celerity. The spine of The Ivory Tower are so cool-headed
            that its coolnes extend to the rest of their clan, they are used to do
            things calmly and got a lot of patience, something that affects their
            very supernatural existence.

        Since you have only one point in disciplines that may even not be from your
        clan, in the tutorial the popup with your clan disciplines still appear,
        but it does not return you to the start of the room if you do not kill the
        NPC using that discipline.

        All the disciplines have a cost for the first level of 10 experience points
        and the duration is increased. Along all the playeable scene (>16 minutes)
        you have the discipline active except celerity, which duration has been
        adjusted for beeing more PnP accurate.

        -Animalism: Now only some of the level of animalism costs one point of
        blood and the damage is increased as the AoE.

        -Auspex: Auspex is now more potent and cheaper to increase, since you can
        not really reach the higer levels of auspex like telepathy, only the second
        level. The bonuses to wits and perception are still aplying and the new
        costs for the discipline are
            Level 1: 10 XP
            Level 2: 2 XP
            Level 3: 3 XP
            Level 4: 4 XP
            Level 5: 6 XP for malkavians, toreadors, and tremere. And
            Level 1: 10 XP
            Level 2: 2 XP
            Level 3: 4 XP
            Level 4: 6 XP
            Level 5: 9 XP for the rest of clans
        also, auspex does not cost blood.

        -Celerity: Celerity DOES cost a blood point per ativation but the duration
        has been modified to
            Level 1: 6 seconds
            Level 2: 9 seconds
            Level 3: 12 seconds
            Level 4: 15 seconds
            Level 5: 18 seconds

        -Dementation: Cost less, deal more damage.

        -Dominate: As in dementation, cost less blood and the
        damages are increased.

        -Fortitude: Same as before, it is "pasive", but you have to activate it.

        -Obfuscate: None of the levels of obfusctate costs blood, also the costs of
        experience points to raise this discipline are the same as auspex.

        -Potence: Potence has been modified to be free to activate as well as

        -Presence: Presence costs 0 blood points to activate in all of his levels,
        also the radius and effects are increased, dangerously increased. Take care
        of using it in public, people runs away from you and, in a pair of cases
        the NPCs i had to speak with desappeared, the bonuses to decreasing enemy
        stats have not been modified.

        -Protean: Only its duration has been modified.

        -Thaumaturgy: Now this discipline does more damage.

    3. Weapons and items:
        Now the weapons deal real damage and the fights are solved in a few
        seconds, but not only you are who kills, the enemies are more and usualy
        are better armed than you. The melee weapons deal more damage than ranged
        although 1 or 2 bullets are usually enough for  killing any mortal, also
        i decreased the max amount of bullets you can carry to magazine + 2 extra

        You can now recover part of the money you paid for armor selling some
        clothes you are not going to use anymore.

    4. NPCs:
        Now you can feed of almost any NPC but the plagued ones, zombies, some
        Kuei - Jin and others. Their health is also decreased, as their blood
        points, now the blood that appears in the bar is not its max blood but the
        blood you can drink from them before they die, although if you dry them,
        they die as usual. The blood and max health of the NPC are determined as
        follows: max blood points = NPC stamina + 2; max health = blood points * 10

        The NPC templates are as well modified to be closer to the table game

        The vampire NPCs count as much life as you except some special bosses and
        a blood pool of about 10 points.

    5. System:
        Now your player has a max of 10 blood points since i consider you are a
        13th generation as a default fledling of VTM, but in exchange i waaaaay
        increased the experience points gained along the missions since you have to
        increase a lot of stats.

        Since i decreased the maximum blood points from 15 to 10 now the blood bar
        has a part empty even if you are full, i think it gives the sensation to
        the player that, although you can not fit any more blood in yur body, you
        are still kind of hungry even knowing you are not gaining anything if you
        continue feeding.

        ***The addon is only tested overwriting the files in Unofficial Patch,
        although i am working in integrating it with th Clan quest mod, also many
        items, descriptions, etc... may be in Spanish, please notice me so i can
        change it. Thank you in advance for your help and patience.***

    6. Things i did not do in this addon because i do not know and if i want to do
    or not:
        - I did not add any new clan, discipline, etc... although i do not care

        - I can not figure out how to decrease the player max health to stamina + 4
        and i would love how as well

        -I want to apply health modifiers to the stats decreasing them temporally
        and i do not know how.

        -I would like to adjust the life bar to the maximum health of the player
        after changing the max health to stamina * 10 + 40

        -I really really would love to fix all the bugs along the game.
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