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Need help to use Sabbat_Female Skin without Mod
« on: July 04, 2009, 04:14:00 pm »
                Hi guys,
 I downloaded a while ago the wonderful skin Sabbat_Female ( and I was able to use it, without installing the P+P Mod. I used a desktop-pc with Windows Xp and it worked fine back then. I used to play the skin as a female Brujah.
 A few days ago, I buyed a new laptop, witch has got Windows Vista installed. Now I want to play Bloodlines on my laptop and of course with my favourite skin Sabbat_female. But it does not work and I dont know why. Maybe I forgot some important step. I will explain, what I have done and maybe some user is able to notice my mistake.
 1. I extracted the pak-files by using the VPK-Tool
 2. I saved important data before overrighting
 3. I renamed the original model files from Lasombra to Brujah, for example:
 4. I replaced the original Brujah-models with the new ones.
 5. I replaced the original Brujah-materials with the new ones.
 6. I openend the few vmf.-files in the material folders via Wordpad and changed every "Lasombra" to "Brujah"
 7. I openend the mdl.-files in the Model folders via VPK-Tool and chagced every "Lasombra" to "Brujah"
 I thought that these steps were enough but it seems that I forgot a step. When I start a new game and choose Brujah/female I recognise the new shape (the silhouette), with belong to the Sabbath skin, but the textures are only black and purple muttons. I am confused right know, because a while ago (~ 2 years) I was able to run this skin without using the Mod.
 I feel sorry for my bad english, but I am no native speaker. Can anyone help me out of this problem?
 /Update: I noticed, that the new eyes (eyeballs + pupil) were presented correctly, but not the other parts of the body. So I downloaded another skin and I had a similar problem there. Some parts (hair, eyes, etc.) were correct but the main part (torso, arms, legs) is missing and black/purple.                        




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