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                I havent played in ages, do i need to make an overide folder? Some of the mods and skins I have dont have the readme files anymore haha.  
 Is the command in the .ini file called "enablecheats=1" under the game options heading?
 If I remember right do i need to add a -1 in the command line of the .exe launcher ?? hehe its been a looong time.
 PS: I was trying to install a mod and it said something about unpacking all my .vpk files???  I know the .vpk files are in the bloodlines game, probably similiar to .2da files from kotor.  I just cannot remember how to do any of this heh... help??                        



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                hehehe man i cant remeber the last time i played...
 can't install in x64 OS sad
 ok, u need to extract all the vpk files with turfster's tools then replace the mod's files with the extracted ones                        



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Havent played in a looong time and cant remember how to multimod lol
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2007, 09:46:00 AM »
 enablecheats=1 and override folder sounds like something from a Bioware game, Bloodlines doesn't use any of that.
 You do need to add -console to the .exe's command line to enable the console, and skins must be put in their proper folders, which are easier to find if you've extracted the .vpk files.
 By the way, .vpk files are just packed data, similar to Bioware's .bif files.                        




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