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Ghouls (andor embracing companions) for each Clan
« on: June 08, 2009, 10:19:00 am »
                Firstly, I would like to say that I didn't include Yukie or Heather in my list. They already represent options and can be made ghouls or vampires.
 Brujah - Azra (as she was named by Dheu alias the junkie girl from the crack house, home of Bishop Vick) or the head of the dealers who have beaten Mercurio (we've seen his work of art on the poor ghoul)
 Gangrel - Romero (he is used to creepy locations and fits like a pro) or Lily (Did you see how she sucked on that guy's neck? And yes, I think she would leave E. for being embraced and actually becoming a vampire)
 Malkavian - Rosa (she would make a perfect companion with her unique insight) or the guy scared by Pisha in the Downtown hospital (I bet he was leftt with some mental scars after the his friends' "little game")
 Nosferatu - Misti (God, she deserves it like Hell. Did you see how she treats your Nosferatu character after you complete VV's quests?) or Knox (he's used to being - wham! - taken by surprise)
 Ventrue - Mira (she is already used to the high class society and loads of money) or the guy from the Giovanni family who is broke (forgot his name, but I bet he really needs the money only a Ventrue can give)
 Toreador - Patty (just give her your blood and make her stop whining!) or the guy from the Giovanni party who isn't actually a real part of the family (I think his name is Christian)
 Tremere - Nadia (the girl who stays at the Giovanni's for college) or Vandal (nice guy and he also has a way of words)
 Ok, I know these suggestions need a lot of audio work, but they would be definately fun to play. What do you think?


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