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Title: Eye Replacer addon/mod
Post by: AdellofRoses on September 04, 2011, 08:22:04 pm
I have loved playing Bloodlines, I have played it many times and never get bored.
But I just discovered modding (for this game) and I need some help.
I downloaded an eye replacer, that is supposed to give the non-creature character less blank eyes (like the way a person's eyes look like when light is reflecting in them)
this is what I downloaded
http: / /www.moddb .com/games/vampire-t he-masquerade-bloodlines/addo ns/eye-replacer (get rid of spaces)
but I have only read/found tutorials about modding when it speaks of modding the skins of characters, nothing about the eyes.
I am not sure what to do, since I don't want to edit the eyes, I just want to replace the textures. (since this mod is only supposed to replace the textures)
I have not modded in Bloodlines before, only in the Sims 3 (and from what I have read, modding Bloodlines in much harder to mod)
and in tutorials that I have read, they say something about a vmt (?) file, but in the eye replacer mod that I downloaded, there is only .ttz files and .tth files, also, there are sometimes two files with the same name, but have a number next to them (ex. nosferatu_eye1.ttz, nosferatu_1.tth and nosferatu_eye2.ttz and nosferatu_eye.tth) I am not sure what that is about.
Can someone tell me step by step what to do with the eye files since I cannot find anything about them, only on the skin moddings?
I am just worried that I will break my game, or that the character models will become severly warped/odd looking.
Sorry for my bad english, I am from Norway.
Thank you for the advice.
Title: Re: Eye Replacer addon/mod
Post by: exb on September 04, 2011, 11:57:45 pm
All you have to do is unpack the eye mod, find and open your game folder, and drop the 'materials' folder from the mod into the 'vampire' subfolder in your game.  When windows pops up a warning, click the 'yes to all' button.
Title: Re: Eye Replacer addon/mod
Post by: Malkav on September 05, 2011, 08:50:53 am
I haven't checked this particular addon, but the usual way these skin replacers are packed is either a \vampire folder to be dropped in the bloodlines base directory, or a \materials folder to be dropped into -bloodlines\vampire.

For your question on the tth, ttz, and vmt files: tth and ttz contain the actual compressed skin files, vmt is a text file containing the path to the other two, and additional info for the engine, like use alpha channel.
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