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Re: Dead and Damned in Deadwood
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Escape from La posted:

 Let him who has not left and came back cast the first stone.

 *throws a stone at La's head*
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Re: Dead and Damned in Deadwood
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                Chapter 10
 Noel heard a thudding from outside. A deep bass boom that rapidly thudded its way closer.
 Skabb, you retard.
 She clenched her teeth and left the office, heading to an open window that faced the street. Skabb roared into view in a crimson pickup truck. The truck had been raised off the ground. Subwoofers pounded out the music.
 "Big truck!" growled Dez Farafa from out of the subwoofers. Noel could hear it from inside. Skabb was lip synching and throwing the devil horns. He was wearing a masque, thankfully, a pizza delivery boy.
 Lights came on from the neighbor's houses. The song finished and Skabb climbed down from the truck, holding a pizza box that looked like it had been fished out of a dumpster.
 Noel leaned against the wall and massaged the bridge of her nose. She heard a neighbor yell at Skabb.
 "Oh fuck you, trailer trash, get back inside, you got five minutes to beat your wife before Springer gets back from commercial," Skabb yelled. "What, you want to get in on this too, cunt? Put down your walker and come on over here, we'll settle this! Thought so."
 The door downstairs was kicked open.
 "Yo, Noel, where are yah?" Skabb yelled. "Shit, did I get the right address?"
 Noel sighed and headed for the stairs. She found Skabb in the kitchen, slurping blood from the base of a meat carton, the raw beef thrown on the counter. He grimaced, then noticed her.
 "Hey baby, what's shakin'?" he said.
 "Are you stupid or retarded?" said Noel.
 "What? Oh, the entrance? Yeah, fuck 'em, I was wearing a Masque and they're old. Plus the cops are busy with some big accident over on the interstate. Actually the cops have been making themselves scarce since the bombing. Kinda like rats fleeing a sinking ship."
 She shook her head, thinking about braining him with something. Nothing looked heavy enough, though.
 "The computer's upstairs," she said.
 The went upstairs and Skabb started installing decryption software.
 "So where's Max?" he asked.
 "I stashed him at a safehouse I keep."
 "You mean that trailer over by the Raven Industries building?"
 Noel's insides clenched. "You know about that?"
 "Shit, everybody knows about that place."
 "Who's everybody?"
 "Uh, well, Marv told me about it, so..."
 "Shit. We have to go. Now."
 "Where? I'm low on gas and you don't have a jacket."
 "Grab the computer."
 "No, hold on, wait a second. I'm not going anywhere until you explain where the fuck we're going and why."
 Noel grabbed her hair in a fist. "I was going to use Max as leverage. They think he knows something, both sides, so I was going to use him to get safe passage out of the Hills. If they know where he is, that goes out the window and I'm stuck here in the middle. If I leave, they'll send someone after me, because they think I know something too!"
 Skabb's head slumped forward, as if he'd fallen asleep. She kicked his shin.
 "Wha-oh, yeah, hey, I was listening, except I didn't hear the part where I cared or should help you."
 She scowled. "I'll give you five hundred dollars if you come with me."
 "Cool," Skabb said. He yanked the side panel off the computer, reached in and yanked out the hard drive. "Let's roll, sugar-twat, that summer sun ain't gettin' any heavier."
 She headed out the door behind him. "You call me a twat again, I'll gut you."
 He chuckled and slung one arm around her shoulders. "Noel, you'd give me an erection if my dick hadn't fallen off."
 "I don't think he knows anything," Marv said. In his southern-gentleman accent, anything came out ennythan.
 "Have you tried cuttin' him?" the sheriff suggested.
 "What kind of good would that do, Burnie? Look at the poor boy, he's terrified. If he knew anything he would have told me the minute I put my gun under his chin."
 "Yeah, well, I still think we should cut him. Just to be sure."
 Max sank lower and lower into his chair, hoping they would get wrapped up enough in their argument and forget him.
 "Bring him over here," the prince cut in. She was dressed again in her business outfit, sitting behind her desk, facing the window.
 The sheriff picked up the chair Max was shackled too and carried it effortlessly over, and set it down beside the prince.
 She was quiet for a time. Then she turned to Max and smiled.
 "Hello," she said. Her smile was warm, and made Max feel calmer and maybe just a little embarrassed.
 "Hi," he said hesitantly.
 "You know, I've never really had a chance to talk to you in person, and I'm afraid that we got off on the wrong foot," her hand reached out and rested on Max's arm, and he couldn't help but feel warmth coming from it. She had very pretty eyes. "I can come off as such a cold, heartless bitch sometimes."
 Max found himself shaking his head to that statement.
 "Oh, thank you Max, you're sweet, but I know it's true. Everyone thinks that I'm cold and heartless, so that's what I became. Have you ever been called any names, Max?"
 "Umm, yeah," Max stammered.
 "They call me Trixie. Do you know why?"
 "It's because I used to be a whore. When I was human, and for a while after I was embraced. My name was Tricia, but my pimp named me Trixie. He could do that, you know. He used to beat me, all the girls were beaten if they mouthed off, or didn't pull in enough money."
 Max wanted very much to kill her former pimp. He felt the anger clench his chest.
 "You see, we're all victims of our circumstances, Max. I sent you into that mine, but I didn't know the Blackeye would be so interested in what went on there. I wouldn't think to put you in danger."
 "I, uh, I don't mind," Max said, feeling very stupid for saying that.
 "Oh, you're so brave, Max. So, is there anything that happened that you want to tell us about?"
 Max wracked his brain, searching for some little detail he had forgotten.
 "I've told you everything," he said.
 Tricia's face lost its warmth, her eyes went cold. She looked him in the face and frowned. She turned to the others.
 "He's telling the truth," she said dismissively.
 The other two were silent.
 "I still think we should cut him," the sheriff mumbled.
 Skabb's truck pulled up to the trailer. Noel bailed out and headed for the door, seeing it was open.
 Her heart sank. She walked into the trailer and looked around.
 Blackeye sat at the counter, smoking his pipe.
 "Hello, pup," he said.
 Skabb walked in and took in the situation.
 "Oh my god," said Skabb. "That's it! Blackeye is Max! Max is Blackeye! It all makes sense now!" He sank to the floor, holding his head in mock disbelief.
 Blackeye watched him curiously. Noel ignored him.
 "What happened to Max?" she asked.
 "There was a Nosferatu here, he was gone when I arrived," Blackeye said. "The gunsmith was here, he must have taken him."
 "Marv? Fuck," Noel sat down. "Wait, why are you here?"
 "Father Wolf never lets his pups stray too far."
 "You aren't my father."
 Blackeye puffed on his pipe with a grin. Noel chewed her lip in frustration.
 "I want safe passage out of the Hills," she said.
 "No," Blackeye said.
 "Why not?"
 "You assumed you wouldn't be safe to simply leave. That means you know something I want. I would be a foolish old man to let you leave without telling me first. It's called bargaining."
 "Okay," Noel said. She grabbed the hard drive from Skabb. She held it out to Blackeye. "Here. It's from a werewolf's computer. It probably has information on it you can use."
 Blackeye eyed it. "And how do I get this information from this steel box?"
 Skabb popped up. "This is where I come in, nice to meet'cha Blackeye, the name's Skabb, Grand Poobah of all Nosferatu in the Hills." Skabb offered his hand.
 Blackeye took the hand. "You are the only Nosferatu in all the Hills."
 "Ooh, busted."
 Noel started. "Wait, what? But I've met other Nossie's."
 "Yeah, heh, that was me every time. Except for Max, that guy's real."
 Blackeye watched with a mild amusement. He stood.
 "I will pay you, Skabb, to get anything useful from this box. Noel, you will come with me until I know something useful."
 "Where are we going?" she said.
 "To join the others. We are going to be visiting the Prince tonight."
 Wow, that's great. The whole reason I've been working so hard is to stay away from the big battle, and here I am heading straight toward it. Fuck. But she followed. She couldn't escape Blackeye's reach. And there was a nagging desire to see the end.
 "Good luck boys," Skabb said from the doorway. "Have fun storming the castle!"



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Dead and Damned in Deadwood
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                Chapter 11 In which a conclusion (of sorts) is reached, a conflict is ended, and they all live happily ever after...except for the ones that die.

 So it went down like this:
 The Prince, Sheriff, Marv and all other Camarilla vampires and ghouls who'd been roped into fighting (and dragging a hapless Max behind them) retreated to the Prince's empty hotel just on the outskirts of Deadwood and holed up.
 The Blackeye and a few renegade city Gangrel and Brujah found the Prince's mansion empty and tracked her to Deadwood, where they dug themselves in (literally) to wait for sunset.
 Skabb stayed in his haven in an old factory and watched Macguyver re-runs, occasionally fiddling with the hard drive.
 The day passed uneventfully. A few Camarilla ghouls wandered out into the woods to look for Blackeye, and were promptly killed and eaten by cougars. At about 5pm, an anonymous call was made and Deadwood was evacuated due to a mysterious gas leak.
 Then everybody woke up.
 Noel leaned behind a tree, peeking out to look at the hotel. Occasionally she could see someone moving inside.
 Blackeye stood, still as a rock, looking at the hotel. Gangrel drifted out of the woods like ghosts, silent, eerie, a small army of vampires, some of them frighteningly misshapen.
 Blackeye looked at Owl Feather. Owl drifted away, like he hadn't been there.
 The lights went out in and around the hotel.
 Burney and Marv didn't even react when the lights went out, Max noted. They just stood, silently, each leaning against a side of the large glass door that lead onto the balcony of the Master suite, staying just out of sight. The Prince was in another room.
 Burney spat brown tobacco slime onto the carpet. Marv looked at the spot with disapproval.
 "Guess its time," Burney said.
 "Guess so," Marv said.
 Outside, across the parking lot, the black night started to fill with red, shining eyes. Burney spoke into a radio, quietly.
 The generators kicked in, and the spotlights turned on, hitting the advancing Gangrel in the eyes, blinding them. Windows were smashed open from inside the hotel, and rifles opened up on the Blackeye. They scattered, blind and wounded.
 "Heh heh heh," Burney chuckled. He turned to Marv. "Go shoot something."
 Marv turned without a word and headed for the door. Passing a still-shackled Max, he tossed the Nosferatu a key.
 "Get somewhere safe, boy," Marv said. "There's gonna be blood."
 "Cocksuckers," said Owl Feather. A few Blackeye came forward with rifles and opened up on the spotlights. In a few minutes, the only lights on were inside the hotel.
 Noel looked around and saw a malformed gangrel slumped against a tree, looking dopey and drooling. It had a hunch to its back, as if the back was simply connected to its head, and covered with a bristly black mane. Its jaws had swollen and widened, and filled with fangs.
 With a start she realized it was Dusty.
 "Dusty?" she said. He looked up at her, slowly, but there wasn't any recognition in his eyes.
 She looked at Blackeye quizzically. He ignored her. He turned to Owl.
 "Let's go," he said. Owl disappeared.
 Blackeye looked at Noel before walking off. She looked back. There was no love or loyalty between them, but no hostility, either. He left, Dusty trailing along behind him like some sort of pet.
 Noel hunkered down and waited.
 The Gangrel and a few dozen ghouled animals stormed across the parking lot and hit the hotel. they ignored the doors and went through the windows in small groups. Snipers picked off a few. Some of the Gangrel climbed straight up the side of the building and took out the snipers.
 Inside, a small group of Blackeye forced their way into the basement and found the generators. There was an explosion and the lights went out.
 Burney sighed, almost sadly. He'd booby-trapped the generators, but it wouldn't stop them. He left to join the Prince.
 In the largest suite, Prince Tricia waited. A lap-top computer was open beside her, open to her e-mail, but no reply had yet come in from the message she had sent. No help was coming. She heard the gunshots and felt the explosion, but never bothered to react.
 She reached into a bag and pulled out a Deringer, and loaded it.
 Noel moved silently in the trees, trying to see into the hotel and what was going on inside.
 She felt the shot before hearing it, and found herself lying on her back. She touched her chest. Her new vest, the armored one she had gotten from Ellsworth had stopped the bullet.
 I am so glad I stole this.

 She rolled to her feet and obfuscated, running and hiding behind a tree, using her Celerity. A few shots followed her. Her gun was drawn, she didn't remember taking it out.
 She wanted to use her sight, but it would give away her position. She peeked out from behind the tree.
 Where are you, mother fucker?
 The tree exploded in front of her eyes, and a chunk of wood lodged in her eyeball. Noel's gun fired a few shots back and she retreated behind another tree. She yanked out the wood and started pushing blood to her eye. She fought to keep control. She loosened the shotgun in her backpack, she would be needing it soon.
 The woods were silent again.
 Noel shifted into her fox form and crept away, trying to find the sniper. He stepped out from behind a tree and aimed at her, Noel threw herself behind a bush and shifted back, coming out the other side with her gun leveled on him.
 "Hello darlin'," Marv said.
 "Marv," Noel said, surprised and scared.
 They stood in silence, guns never wavering. Marv was wearing a sad little smirk.
 Noel's eye saw him in a filmy red haze from her injured eye.
 "Marv, put the gun down," Noel said. "The Blackeye are inside, it's over."
 "Yes," he said, but the gun stayed level on her.
 "Okay," she said, and they both started moving. Bullets flew and they both dodged, and Noel was running, firing blindly over her shoulder, Marv right behind her, trying to line up his shot.
 Max, cloaked, climbed unnoticed outside a window and heard the gunshots. He froze.
 Noel was fast, but Marv was older, and faster. She dodged in a winding pattern, coming out from behind trees and firing, then retreating. Marv kept on her trail like a damn dog, opening up on her with both barrels of his heavy-caliber revolvers.
 Somehow she ended up back in the parking lot. She nearly froze, but then streaked in one direction, trying to get to safety.
 Marv's bullet took her in the right calf, and she went down. Two more slammed into her back, but the vest stopped them. Otherwise the big .45 bullets may have killed her. they still hurt, though.
 Marv's boots thudded across the asphalt towards her. She turned and looked at him wearily, knowing what was next. A tear formed in her eye, or maybe it was blood from the wound.
 Marv's foot kicked her onto her back. She rolled, helplessly, and looked up at him.
 "I'm sorry, darlin'," he said sadly. The guns raised.
 Max appeared from behind Marv, and hit the cowboy with a chair.
 Marv rolled as he went down, and sent three bullets straight into Max, tearing through his chest.
 The world slowed down, Max looked at his wounds curiously, and started to fall.
 Noel rolled, reached behind her, and her hand found the handle of the ugly, pitted shotgun Marv himself had given her two nights ago. She kept rolling, her damaged leg found the ground, and she ignored the pain. She was up. Marv was moving, but slowly, like in water. He saw her, his eyes were wide and he tried to take aim, but Noel's shotgun was already up.
 The first shot dug a hole in his chest, the second made it deeper, and the third took out a section of Marv's spine. He hit his knees.
 "That-th-god..damn gun," Marv said, and erupted into ash.
 Noel limped over and picked up his guns, sitting in the pile of ash, their leather holsters charred a little from Marv's demise. she turned to Max.
 Around her, vampires came out of the woods and the hotel, looking up at the top floor, where some fighting was still going on.
 Owl Feather kicked in the door to Tricia's room, and Burney's knife sank into Owl's chest to the hilt, then the sheriff pulled up. Owl turned to ash.
 Another Gangrel screamed in defiance and pounced on Burney, only for the sheriff to grab it, swift as a bird, and crush the Gangrel's skull.
 Blackeye strolled into the room, Burney threw his knife at him. The old Gangrel casually batted it aside with one hand.
 "Just you and me, old man," Burney said, anger in his eyes.
 "No, this is between you and him," Blackeye said, nodding to Dusty. And he released Dusty's Beast.
 Dusty, at once filled with rage and mindless savagery, saw his tormentor Burney and hit the sheriff like a wrecking ball.
 Burney hadn't seen Dusty, and barely had time to twist and face the Gangrel. The sheriff's fists hit Dusty's sides like hammers, and Blackeye heard a meaty thud each time, but Dusty ignored the pain, and his claws found Burney's fat belling. He started tearing viscera out of the Sheriff, digging like a badger into the flesh.
 Burney collapsed in pain. Dusty stood and roared, halfway between the sound of a bear and a man screaming.
 Blackeye took it all in calmly. Dusty looked at him, the tail end of a frenzy in his eyes. Dusty calmed, staring at his master. He picked up the damaged Sheriff, and lifted him over his head.
 Dusty went to the balcony door and kicked it open. He held up the sheriff and roared again, and was joined by the sounds of howls, pig-like squeals, and human yells as the Blackeye reclaimed the Black Hills. Dusty heaved the sheriff over the side.
 Tricia stood, derringer in hand, and faced Blackeye.
 "Hello, Tricia," Blackeye said.
 "Pleased to meet you, old one," Tricia said. She raised the derringer and pressed it just under her jaw.
 "Put the gun away, Prince, you are in no danger here."
 Tricia looked at him quizzically. "What do you mean?" she asked.
 Blackeye stepped towards her desk and took the chair opposite her. He removed his pipe and began filling it. He gestured for her to sit.
 "It is time," he said, "for the vampires of the Hills to stand together. Dark times are ahead, and fighting between each other will destroy us."
 "I see," Tricia lied.
 "The Wolves have attacked us, broke the unspoken truce we have held for centuries. They cross our borders and attack our own. They have even invaded our cities.
 "That is why," and Blackeye lit his pipe, and considered his next words. "That I have decided I will accept the Camarilla's former proposal, and I will be Prince of the Black Hills."
 Tricia's mouth hung open with surprise and outrage.
 "As I am the most powerful...well, the most powerful the Camarilla will acknowledge. United, the two packs can better compete for their hunting grounds. We will fight the wolves with our cunning, and our man-tools, the gun, the bomb, the traps.
 "I will, of course, need your help, young one, in convincing your Camarilla of the honesty of my intentions. And that, is why you are safe from me." Blackeye took a long puff on his pipe.
 Tricia stood, then sat.
 "Fine," she said.
 "What was it all about?" Dusty asked Blackeye. Blackeye was reloading his pipe. Tricia was on a conference call with someone.
 "Yes, that's right, I said Prince Blackeye, and you shouldn't keep him waiting. Yes, he's a Gangrel, so what?" she said into an earphone.
 Blackeye considered Dusty's question.
 "Great Bear wanted his children to own the night," he said. "The Blackeye are almost all his descendents. He wants us strong. With us in power, and fighting off the wolves, he will go back to sleep."
 "But why is he so interested in our welfare?"
 "I suspect," and Blackeye puffed on his pipe. "That he intends to return someday and eat us all, and wolf always prefers the strong deer to the sick one."
 Dusty looked at him heavily. "You're fucking with me, right?"
 Blackeye blew a smoke ring thoughtfully.
 Max was in Torpor. Noel tried to shake him, but he didn't wake up. She felt a curious frustration in the pit of her stomach.
 She got up and looked around. there was a Camarilla ghoul, trying to sneak off. She limped swiftly and cut off his escape. She grabbed the ghoul by the back of the neck and took him over to Max. Once there, she cut his wrists and let the blood spill over Max's ugly corpse-lips.
 Nothing. Noel turned away. There was blood on her face. Was she wounded? No. Shit, was she crying?
 "Umm, lady, can I go?" said the ghoul, in shock from his wound. "Ahh!"
 She turned around sharply, and Max was sucking on the wound. The ghoul was grimacing.
 Noel felt a smile tug at the corners of her mouth. Max finished, and licked the wound. The ghoul went into shock and collapsed on the ground.
 "Hey," Noel said.
 "Oh," Max said, seeing her. "Hey."
 "So...what's Denver like?"
 Max looked around. "Less weird." he finally said.
 "Hah, 'kay, let's go then."
 She limped over and helped him up, Max wincing at the pain in his chest. They limped for a few feet.
 "Hey look," Max said, pointing. Burney was dragging himself toward the woods.
 "Oh, shit," said a random Blackeye, and shot the former sheriff in the head. Burney disappeared into ash.
 Noel looked at Max's horrified expression and stifled a laugh.
 "You're a sweet guy, Max," she said, and kissed him on the cheek. "Don't ever lose that."
 They limped away into the night.
 Author's Note:
 This work is the culmination of...wait, no, fuck that, it was something fun I did because it got stuck in my head. I liked it. I hope you did too.
 Special thanks goes out to Only_Entropy_Exists for some research material he gave me months before I started this, Moocha and his...significant other, girlfriend, whatever she was who liked the story, Vongetta for the kind words and enthusiasm, Metallica_Vamp for the incredible enthusiasm, El Gostro for, well, just for being weird.
 And of course, To Lancea (Year of the Scarab, whatever you're calling yourself) for the helpful tips, feedback, and generally just nagging and nagging at me until I finished it.
 And a final goodbye to Planetvampire, It's been real and it's been fun, but it was never Real Fun. I'm over here now, if you're interested.
 Y'all have a happy New Year
 Grendel's Revenge, 12/31/2007                        




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