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Commands and scripting
« on: January 19, 2007, 09:20:00 PM »
                It's actually scripting related too. I want to know if there's any commands or functions available to:
 1- Take XP points from the player character. I want to place this command on the dialogs. I know how to give players an increase in their stats through commands (pc.BumpStat ("[StatName]", "#")), but I don't know how to decrease them permanently, except for Humanity (wich is FindPlayer().HumanityAdd(-1), thuogh it doesn't work with other stats).
 2- Restore all Vitae Points or at least increase the rate at wich they heal in a particular situation. I want to make an script that gets called everytime you enter your haven (any of them) and restores all your vitae points. If anyone knows at least how to increase its healing rate in a particular situation (that is, not on the system, because I know how to do that, but through an script wich runs and then breaks everytime), I could achieve the same effect.