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How do you use the 'special entity' !dialogpartner?
« on: October 21, 2020, 10:25:04 pm »
This entity name appears in the mod guide alongside !player and !playercontroller

Code: [Select]
  B) Reserved Entity Names

 "!player" <- refers to the (potentially unnamed) player.

 "!playerController" <- refers to the (potentially unnamed) player controller if one exists. (There are used by cut scenes)

 "!dialogpartner" <- When you begin a conversation with someone, this refers to the person you are talking to. It only remains valid while the conversation is active.

This implies @Dheu got it to work, but when i try to access this in the console with a conversation active with:

__main__.FindEntityByName("!dialogpartner") it says it's a illegal name and does nothing. Even starting the original game does nothing with this.

Anyway if this can't be solved, any other way to detect youre in a conversation that *doesn't* have false positives after the conversation? I want to add some conversation specific shortcuts.

If i edit the starting conditions of all dialogs to add a variable (which i could since i'm going to eventually touch them with a preprocessor) i'll have false positives after the conversation unless i do more complicated stuff to figure out when the conversation exists and i'm sure there will be bugged dialog files that will have 'unexpected' exits.

So if the entiity name can't be used, i'd like something else not related to dlg file, like 'is a vgui for the dialog active' or 'is the dialog camera active' or something  certain like that.
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