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Title: Re: Antique locket conditions
Post by: [archive] Crowley10573330 on January 13, 2007, 03:23:00 PM
                I am playing a Tremere with the unofficial patch. I figured I'd cheat my way into the Skyline haven to pick up the antique locket, but all I could find in the trunk was a few shotgun shells. I reloaded and tried setting the flag for Lacroix giving the haven and gave myself the key to enter the place properly, but still no locket. Finally I tried changing my clan via the console. No dice. What exactly determines whether if the locket is in that trunk? I know I could just use the console to give the locket directly, but this has gotten me curious.                        


Title: Re: Antique locket conditions
Post by: [archive] Dante_Malice on January 13, 2007, 04:47:00 PM
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 What? Are you sure you`re in the right place?
 Only locket I remember is for the Ocean House hotel job.                        


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Title: Re: Antique locket conditions
Post by: [archive] Crowley10573330 on January 13, 2007, 05:15:00 PM
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 Yes, I am sure. The unofficial patch is supposed to add an item called 'antique locket' into the Skyview haven. It increases security skill by one.
 edit: I looked through the unpacked map files that came with the patch, and couldn't find item_p_occult_lockpicking anywhere. So at least it's not lying around or in a container anywhere in the latest patch.                        


Title: Re: Antique locket conditions
Post by: [archive] Stromko on January 24, 2007, 01:35:00 AM
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 With my character that was given the Skyline apartment (he was a Brujah, not a Nosferatu or Tremere), I found the locket just fine in the trunk. So it does indeed appear if you're given the apartment.. on my Nosferatu playthrough however, no locket  ever.
 It is a bit of a bummer, but it seems the game is completable with a lockpicking skill as low as 3 so you aren't out too many points so long as you only do the bare minimum of unlocking. Sucked when my Nosferatu got caught in the Giovanni mansion with Security 1 and only 5 XP though. wink                        


Title: Antique locket conditions
Post by: [archive] roolegion on January 24, 2007, 10:19:00 AM
                You do get a magic item for Nosferatu that increases your Obfuscate skill; Tremere get one that increases their Thaumaturgy skills.  All others get the Antique Locket.
 The locket in the haven looks a lot like the one you retreive from the Ocean House Hotel, but that is just because of the picture that they use.
 I always throw about 3 points into Security and then blood buff my way through any other issues.  Only if you want to pick the lock to release Ash (and you can find the key later on anyway ...) do you need the full 10 points.                        


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