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Re: Aftermath
« on: October 09, 2008, 06:06:00 am »
                I have been looking around, or maybe i just havent looked enough.
 but i see alot of people fixing and doing minor tinkerings with the main bloodlines game.
 I started to reminisce a couple of days ago so i reinstalled and beat the game 3 times and have been brewing ideas as i go around sucking peoples blood.
 What about, say, "aftermath" levels, maybe based in diffrent towns or start out in a diffrent then come back to LA after trouble breaks out .. again... and you revisit some people.. have a beer with Jack.. make some new areas and destroy some new wicked demons and humans that are way too self righteous
 I DO realize how much work this would be BUT i dont think it would be too difficult if there are alot of people working on it
 Would anyone be interested to get on an irc to throw some ideas around?                        



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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2008, 08:53:00 pm »
                Please utilise the search function on the forums. This game is about as modable as a rock, no, wait, you can mod rocks with a big enough hammer..
 This game has no official modding tools and the fan created tools are far to limited and complex to achieve anything but the most basic tweaks in the game as it is. And seeing as the developers of the game no longer exist there will never be any tools released.
 Find a better game to mod.                        


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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2008, 06:56:00 am »
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  •                 yeah yeah, figured that out right after i posted, i have some ideas though.. ill repost if find something                        



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    « Reply #3 on: October 10, 2008, 07:39:00 am »
                    As for this game not being moddable... it just depends on the mod idea. VTMB is not friendly to character model or map alterations, but on the upside, the scripting language that glues everything togther is python... a very high level, easy to work with language. The dialogs and the dialog system in VTMB are strait forward. No more dificult than NWN.
     So what kind of mod idea would fly? For example... think about the Half life sequal Blue Shift. Same maps, characters and events of the original game, but from a different perspective and a different order. (That is why they were able to churn it out so fast). Like re-arranging the furniture in your room. Same room, same furniture, but it feels different somehow.
     So... a mod idea based on events happening at the same time as the original game, but from a different perspective would actually make sense. But a game/sequel based in a completly different setting with lots of new models and maps would not.
     The HL2 community offers great tools for modding HL2... but choice dialogs and heavy decision logic are near impossible in that environemtn. HL2 is more of a shooter than a conversation game. VTMB is more conversation heavy. So pick your poison. Easier dialogs and a hi-level scripting language at the price of near impossible map/character model editing (current VTMB engine) or easy map/model editing but more complicated event and dialog management.
     As a person who prefers choices and a good story over great graphics, I tend to think that VTMB is just fine for a modding target. If anything, its only real issue is that it is 5 years old and its user base is growing thin. Since Modders work for free, they generally target the most popular games so they can get exposure to more people.
     If you mod VTMB, do it because you love the game or because you are a vampire fan. Dont mod it for popularity and exposure. There are newer, more popular titles out there if that is your goal.                        




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