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Re: Adding new items
« on: January 23, 2008, 11:11:00 am »
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  •                 Is there a way to add new items to the game?  For example, I want to add a new armor with different stats.  So far, I have:
     -created an appropriately named item file in Vampire\vdata\items (i.e. item_a_armorname.txt)
     -created a skin/model and placed in appropriate folders
     -added an armor6 line to each clan in clandoc.txt specifying the skin name/location
     -added an entry in traiteffects000.txt to give the armor stats
     -created an inventory image placed in Vampire\materials\hud\inventory_images\armors
     -added the item to a vendor in vendors.txt in Vampire\vdata\system
     After all this, the new armor will not show up in the vendor's inventory.  I can move other items to the vendor, so I know the inventory list is reloading, but the new armor is not there.  Is there a way to do this, or is there a cap on the armor numbers?  Is there another file somewhere I have to edit?  Also (and this may be my problem), how do you specify the image that appears at the top of the item description when you have it selected?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!                        



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    Adding new items
    « Reply #1 on: January 23, 2008, 11:53:00 am »
    KirrenDmarr posted:

     Is there a way to add new items to the game?

     Not really, all items are hardcoded so you can only change an already existing one. In case you don't use the plus official patch though, there are a few unused items in the game which could be modified. A typical example would be item_w_grenade_frag.                        




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