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Re: A gangrel mod
« on: April 15, 2008, 04:31:00 PM »
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  •                 Hi!
     well I'm completly new to the forum and to the modding world of vampire:bloodlines.
     But I have experience with modding and some with programing on C++ and Java.
     I played VTMB till the end 3 times now(toreador, gangrel and malkavian) and I liked this game a lot.
     But I think there is A LOT to improve. I have seem some MODs and most of them changes only graphical aspects of the games. The ones that improve it in some way are great, but I tought about doing something more interesting.
     Here is my idea:
     You start as a Gangrel(and only a Gangrel can be choosen, Im setting reasonable goals here, later we can extend it to all clans) But you cant spend points on disciplines.(more on that later) Some changes from the PnP MOD to match the PnP RPG will be made, specially to skills.
     After you distribute your points the game starts as normal. But as soon as you get to your email on your heaven you see a new one. An email from your clan's master, welcoming you and telling you about your tutor. Now, if you want to learn your disciplines(wich start at 0) you need to find that guy and do his quests so he can teach you the disciplines. I tought that the Gangrel disciplines would be more interesting this way:
     LV1 - Claws and Infrared Vision
     LV2 - You become a rat!! becoming "invisible" to everyone. Bumping on someone or taking damage cancel the effect. As a rat you cant "use" stuff either.
     LV3 - You become an wolf!! Just like beckett, Bonus STR, VIG and SPD(is SPD bonus possible?)
     LV4 - Gaseous Form!(obfuscation) just like obfuscation lv5
     LV5 - Wolverine! You change to the Werewolf model. Bonus STR, VIG, Brawl, Lethal, DMG...
     Havent tought about the others yet... But should be something GREAT like Protean.
     So, your tutor will teach you LV1 protean after you do some quest for him. The SM quests are still the same. But after you get to Tung you can go back to your tutor and tell him that you probably gonna need help to get in the warehouse. He them gives you another quest and teaches you LV2 protean after completion.
     After the warehouse you can ask Beckett to teach you LV3. But he will only teach you if you have LV2 AND completed the warehouse whitout killing(or persuade him). You get another chance on this on the museum. When you go to Chinatown, you get a mail from the clan's Master telling you to meet him somewhere(haven't tought about it yet) and he will give you more quests to teach you lv4 protean. Finnally after you see the werewolf you can learn from him the last LV.
     Of course that a lot more thing can be added like new lines on dialogs or the chance to frenzy during a dialog or something like that. Im posting it here because I couldnt find any tutorials on the web and I tought you guys here could tell me if something like that is possible and where should I start. I think it would be much fun to play Gangrels that can actually change in animals and stuff.
     Thanks in advance...
     obs: Another changes that I think would be great to have on other clans are:
     Presence dialog options(or use it to change what the NPC think about you, to change a bad impression or such)
     Quest completing with Presence options
     Presence making monsters attack others that are attacking you(like the domination one)
     Presence rising dmg on hit on last lvs(reflecting that the monster is distracted by your greatness)
     Auspex dialog options(to discover the true intentions of the NPC)
     obs1: I have opened this topic to listen to sugestions, critics and to get help, so you guys may post your toughts openly here



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    Re: A gangrel mod
    « Reply #1 on: April 15, 2008, 06:23:00 PM »
                    Very interesting ideas. One suggestion I would make is it to swap gaseous form with something else. Being a rat already makes you invisible, so gaseous wouldn't add very much. It should be something with a different strategic advantage. In fact, I think it would be awesome if upgrading protean allowed you to keep all previous forms as well.
     I imagine something like this:
     1 - Beast (Basic claws and infared features)
     2 - Rat form (Makes you undetectable to your enemies but easily squashed)
     3 - Wolf form (Super speed - like the affect of the discipline, and increased dodge ability)  
     4 - Warform (Same model as the old warform, but this one improves your ability to Soak damage. Also strikes fear into enemies with presence)
     5 - Wolverine (Str, Speed, and Soak, but is very uncontrollable and blocks use of other disciplines for awhile)
     As you increase your Protean ability, and gain a new form, all the previous forms could be improved as well, representing the fact that you are becoming better at transforming in general.
     Btw, I also really like the idea of Presence and Auspex having an affect on conversation.



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    Re: A gangrel mod
    « Reply #2 on: April 15, 2008, 06:24:00 PM »
                    This sounds like a LOT of work and some of the things you want aren't even possible within the capabilities of the Bloodlines engine. You should talk to Wesp5 and Offkorn they can tell you about the limitations of the engine better than I can. Also you might want to look at this thread, its not exactly what you want to do but they need help programing and you could probably work some of your ideas into the project.                        



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    Re: A gangrel mod
    « Reply #3 on: April 15, 2008, 11:45:00 PM »
                    You can also check out the revival project here. We're always looking for help. grin  
     No idea why it hasn't been stickied yet.  sad                        



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    Re: A gangrel mod
    « Reply #4 on: April 15, 2008, 11:50:00 PM »
                    Because Skyra doesn't love you.  tongue                        



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    A gangrel mod
    « Reply #5 on: April 24, 2008, 03:29:00 AM »
     Thanks for the ideas until now.
     I did some research on the net and discovered the VTM: redemption.
     The game is great and the Storyteller engine is great too.
     So... the VtM: Redemption: Source seems great!
     My idea was to get things more interesting and fun to the gangrels, but do anything closer to the PnP(like redemption) or even including a Storyteller mode to Bloodlines is much better.
     When I came up with the gangrel mod thing I tought it was going to be great. When I played REDEMPTION I tought that the game was much better(excluding graphics) than BLOODLINES, and when I saw what could be easyly done with its engine(its Java: CODEX!!!) I really tought about leaving bloodlines modding, but that project gave me some hope. So... if they accept me there, Im going to help VtM: Redemption: Source, if they dont Im going to join a REDEMPTION project like  or start one of my own. This gangrel mod doesnt make sense anymore, since those projects will include most of those stuff. Thanks for the directions you guys gave to me!