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[Tool] VPKTool 3.8a
« on: April 20, 2010, 06:22:50 AM »
Originally posted by the author, Turfster on the old forum

Current version 3.8a build 050105-1935
Get the latest version here
New in version 3.9a :
+ Right-click integration for VPK files
+ F3 key now works for searching in VPK list and map editor

New in version 3.8a :
+ Added texture header modification
+ Expanded find function for VPK list

New in version 3.7g :
* Fixed faulty DXT5 alpha decoder. Sorry.
* Fixed zlib decoding of heather_body.ttz

<u>Current feature set :</u>
* VPK data extraction (001-009 and 101+103 contain data)
* Texture conversion :
  Conversion to TGA currently supports these pixel formats :
  - DXT1 (no alpha)
  - DXT3 with explicit alpha
  - DXT5
  - RGBA8888 and BGRA8888
  - BGR888
* Texture header modification
* Model texture path and texture name changing, edits the internal model name on save.
* Savegame unpacker (pretty useless to you)
* Extremely rudimentary map entity editor, now with find function.
Add, remove or edit NPC's, props, logic blocks, scripted sequences, etc. Note that this only works for places you haven't visited yet, since savegames store (at least) the entities of all locations you've  visited locally and load them from there.
This means that all mods need to either have a new location (not yet possible), or mods need a new character.

A little "see, it works" image ;) :

The original discussion can be found on the old forum here
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